Friday, June 5, 2009

Saludos a Focho, Te Amo

What up Yall , I just got in to Buenos Aires on that 10 hour overnight hella uncomfortable so you cant sleep buss ride from Cordoba, its like 9 somthin and I dont have a place to live anymore in the BA so i wandered around the old street i lived on and found a hostel, but obviously there is no room untill 12 when people check out, so im chillen hlf awake and delerious on the maquina peepen some in tro net. My aplogies for not unloading on the focho nation in a long while, props to black for holding dwon the cyber presence solo, u awesome .....

So i ant got any pics right now but this is how my outragious viaje went, I traveled with my friend Damian who is from Australia and my friend Paopla who worked at the co operative with me.

1, all night buss to Mendoza (KA argentinas Napa valley wine country)met up with paoplas cousins who there visiting too. got that good tourest tour of two wineries a olive oil factory and then some dudes house who makes everything good you want.. chocolate, 20 types of liqure, Absenth, whisky, 10 types of jam and marmalade, dulce de letche, was the highlight of the 40 peso half day tour.

next day the team and i rented mountain bikes, yeee the BMX nation would be proud of
me, we handled the country side and stopped at 4 wineries along the way and as well as drank a bottle stitting against a wall next to a small canal.

Shit i hella cant go day by day couse shits was like two weeks long but, next day a friend and I took a buss up to the top of the andes moutnains, ..way intense, stayed in a little place not really bug enough to be a town next to the puente del Inca. all of u need to google that shit its whats up. hiked out to see aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside the himileyas, meaning like the third tallest shit in the world.

Alright gotta go mas rapido now through this.

one more day in mendoza, then 18 hours to Salta, big city in the north of Argentina. ate good ass locro( local stew type shit ) sent to the penas and saw floklorical music.

6 hour buss ride to HUmuhuaca, dopest place iv been small little indiginouse town towards the bolivian border. the whole town made out of rocks ...everything, went hiking in the red mountains outside the town, drank a lot of fernet.

next a 4 hour buss ride to go only like 20 miles to a place called IRUYA insain town even farther north close to bolivia the is maybe 1000 people on a cliff in some insain cayon.

back to humuaca for a night, then down to jujuy which wasnt that tight but we hella had a good hack y sack session in the plaza. team started to fall apart as paola left to go to Iguazu, and me and damian stayed and played hack y sack.

final destination was Cordoba craxy university city with a university started in 1645, me and damian went hard and then he had to bounce back to australia. I obviously checked out the social science building and ended up going to a panel discussion about the crisses de democracia in argentina.

So that was that, for all u who wanted to know. Im basically gonna bumm around BA now for a week just hanging out, ill probably go back to the cooperative a couple times. but then i shall return on the 16 of june. I am deffinately ready to be back home now, I think that I have gotten everything I wanted out of living here, im feeling real good about my spanish, chea!

ne ways chea im hella ready for some summer in califas. yeee!

Black, YAdidihopethatwaslongenoughandyouenjoyeditformwork.

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  1. Word! I hella wrote in my notebook while sitting on random couches in hotels or restaurants or whatever in India. Pinche montanas y caminado por toda la tierra, eso es que onda!