Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yo! (from work)

i came home to a crashed computer. i have a ton of pics for this here thangy thang pero i can't make moves on that.... where you guys at? i know, i know.... everyone has way busy lives and is the least of your worries... but uhh.... i CARE!!! i wanna know what you've been up to...

i copped a ton of wax the other day! i'm way pumped on sampling! i also hooked up my second turntable finally so i can try to mix records. we'll see how that goes. ummm.... nothin but love fo the all of ya'll. i miss you guys terrible and am looking forward to hanging out again... be it in your hood or mine. xoxo -Frankie

1 comment:

  1. Expect an update of epically long portions goin down tonight, mucho pictorals (and pectorals) and all that. Cheah!