Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aye, aye, aye...

... actually that's AAA. YadidAAA!

Mate on the late late. Hello Moon.

So, obvies, Guy and I made the late night I5 slide to see the Black man in SD, all exhausted after work and such. Let Guy talk you into drinking his pinche Argentinian tea, you're sure to thizz on the first sip! That stuff certainly got us down the barren stretch of the trip and over the Grapevine. With our Cyphy Senses flaring up full force at 1:45a, we had to venture into East LA to find a liquor store.

Guy in adoration of la Virgin.

That 9-5 would have convinced you, after getting to San Diego at 4am, to have just a hello beer, at most, then promptly go to sleep, but late. We partied till the afternoon food coma and/or work. Can't stop the shinin'!

Synchronized arrival.

The 7am walk to the store was so necessary! No shirt, no shoes, no mames guey!

And then Guy got very h't and slept in the converted jam room.

Alright. With sleep systems back on track, true motives prevailed. Ya see, the original Little Batteries was recorded back in summer of 2004, so 5 years later, naturally, we had to do it up in like fashion. Guy y yo hauled down the 3 piece drums, Black made space for em, and all around everyone killed it!! So much amazingness was birthed, it really maintained the shape of things to come. Nothin but love y'all, let's do this!

Got to kick it with this character too.

Cheah! I'mma play catch up with the various posts and pics and stuff soon enough. If you don't got the plastico, enjoy me n Cyph's first album in its entirety on my Myspace:


So tire, so sleepy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


i'm bummed i was unable to make it... pero it's ok.. i'll have my day in the sun. i made a HUGE steak last night and covered the beast in all things garlic in order to maintain the celebration that is garlic festival.

what do you get when you take 4 friends and give them 12 40's of mickeys??? kirby's birthday and some malt overload. things of course got WAY outta control to say the least, and now i just wanna pedal.

snail trail?

i shot this picture on the way to the airport.

that's lil nate and my uncle jammin. my uncle kills the harp... lil nate replicates as often as possible with or without a harp of his own.

my beats sound lo-fi... and that's how i like 'em.
i'm finally in full health again... i shouldn't jinx myself since i'm going to ride a pool after work.
san diego goes hard... you justhave to be up on THAT go. (i'm down)
t-minus one month and counting.... i'm sooooooo ready.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

little batteries

CHEAAA!!!! i don't really know what to say. i'm still pretty speechless. i recorded the master copy on the 16 track last night. all that means is i should be able to burn copies for folks... but i can't... lo siento, pero it's 2 HOURS!!!! hella not fitting on a cd. but i can record that to cassettes now. which i will do and ship promptly. i'm guessing i'll drop those in the mail on thursday. as for the digital copy... i'ma make that happen. i'ma record it to my palm recorder. somehow get it on a computer... then i'm zip it up and email it... if i winzip... or winrar the file i should be able to email it right? if anyone knows what it do do holla atcha boy. which brings me to my next idea/matter of business.. how bout a focho email list? everyone on it gets emails with new music put out by the folks? obviously only things folks are down to kick down... but i think everyone's down. i'm HELLA down.

so for those of you who were in abudabi and didn't catch wind of the madness that unfolded this past weekend... Little Batteries Vol. II was thrown down. these boys came through and proceeded to THROW DOWN nothing but goodness. i still haven't digested the full course of awesomeness i witnessed.. and probably wont ever.... yes, it was THAT good.

ALSO.. i did a horrible job documenting with my camera but i started this post last night after recording the master.. i was too hyped to go to sleep... then i passed out. so i'm finishing it! hopefully one of these guys got better fotos.

mandatory boi fun..

hold up! TEAM IN THE BUILDING!!! (find lydon losing it.. alot of those kinda laughs were had)

the wonder boy holding it down at home base.

after jammin in such a small quarter with no ventilation this is what peeps look like.

we started the official AAA recording on sunday the 11th at 12:25 am.. (i only know cause i dropped a time stamp in the middle of the recording) my neighbors may not have been stoked on this but no one said a word during the entire 2 hour session. if you've ever had the pleasure of experiencing the 1st little batteries tape you know how LIVE folks get on the noises.. in this pic L is killing the scratch moves and the mpc at the same time... words don't do justice. hip hop @ it's finest.

this pic is deep in the session. as you can tell from guys extra lax positioning we were all gettin slightly drained... but i'll have you know, they was absolutely NO HALF STEPPIN whatsoever. the GUYtar is spectacular. you know the magic i'm talking about... if you don't i'll elaborate.. at some point in the recording the mpc is playing a just a snare and guy is soloing. the drum machine keeps perfect time.. it's a machine. well you get so mesmerized by the GUYtar that he pulls up on the reigns and slows the beat down... i swear, one of the snares in the recording sounds off. i'm pretty sure it's cause this guy kills it so lovely you get stuck... next thing you know it sounds like there's another half count in there or sonting. i don't know. too GOOD.

i've said it before and it'll be my last words... i love you guys.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Lady gets a tat

Annie's tat is a magenta pink flower like those found in Phoenix. She wanted a symbol of her year in AZ; this beautiful flower thrives despite the most ugly and harsh of conditions.

Our tattoo artist Josh from Idle Hands in Mesa, AZ.

Empowered Feminist. Josh said I was the best client he's ever had in that I didn't move at all even though I was getting tatted in the most painful place- that's right...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i gots to get to work but the computer decided it wanted to work this morning so i figured i had to lay something up on the FOCHO EMPIRE.... i'm really excited to see the boys this weekend. i hope everyone had an awesome fourth... from Guy's post i'd go ahead and assume ya'll made mike proud. i'll have some pics from the fourth up here as soon as i can get them from my camera to this dinosaur n' on to the intertron.

i found this scraper posted right next to my work and had to shoot it! it sounded like a BEAST!!! hahaha!!!

this does not say jizzzz.

this does say raw d... that's what i believe.

when you're in love there is no limit to the things you'll do for that person.... no matter how fun!


i'm sure this guy is pointing out something extraordinary... i just can't remember what.. most likely a booger.. but i'm sure a comment will provide clues if not answers.

no.. i wasn't trying to take a cute picture of girls stoopin it..

i just needed evidence that i got them to break bread... ahhahaha! thanks ladies.

little batteries volume II!!!! who's pumped???!!!!



Monday, July 6, 2009


Despues de un gran viaje.. back in Gilas.

I worked for a week, and then left the amazing 79 dgree bay area for the 115 degree phoenix, to see a beautiful amazing women.....yeeeee

Find me BBQen IN 115 DEGREE HEAT

Making Porr Fun

The Crew


Cristinas new spot in Phoenix will be ready for Focho road trip in August

Focho 4th de Julio/ MJ Memorial day BBQ


Amazing. words ni fotos can not describe.....



Thanks to all who came through to the Q, yadidiFOCHO.

Y Black..the focho road trip a San Diego is going down este fin de semana....yeee!