Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aye, aye, aye...

... actually that's AAA. YadidAAA!

Mate on the late late. Hello Moon.

So, obvies, Guy and I made the late night I5 slide to see the Black man in SD, all exhausted after work and such. Let Guy talk you into drinking his pinche Argentinian tea, you're sure to thizz on the first sip! That stuff certainly got us down the barren stretch of the trip and over the Grapevine. With our Cyphy Senses flaring up full force at 1:45a, we had to venture into East LA to find a liquor store.

Guy in adoration of la Virgin.

That 9-5 would have convinced you, after getting to San Diego at 4am, to have just a hello beer, at most, then promptly go to sleep, but late. We partied till the afternoon food coma and/or work. Can't stop the shinin'!

Synchronized arrival.

The 7am walk to the store was so necessary! No shirt, no shoes, no mames guey!

And then Guy got very h't and slept in the converted jam room.

Alright. With sleep systems back on track, true motives prevailed. Ya see, the original Little Batteries was recorded back in summer of 2004, so 5 years later, naturally, we had to do it up in like fashion. Guy y yo hauled down the 3 piece drums, Black made space for em, and all around everyone killed it!! So much amazingness was birthed, it really maintained the shape of things to come. Nothin but love y'all, let's do this!

Got to kick it with this character too.

Cheah! I'mma play catch up with the various posts and pics and stuff soon enough. If you don't got the plastico, enjoy me n Cyph's first album in its entirety on my Myspace:


So tire, so sleepy!

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