Monday, July 6, 2009


Despues de un gran viaje.. back in Gilas.

I worked for a week, and then left the amazing 79 dgree bay area for the 115 degree phoenix, to see a beautiful amazing women.....yeeeee

Find me BBQen IN 115 DEGREE HEAT

Making Porr Fun

The Crew


Cristinas new spot in Phoenix will be ready for Focho road trip in August

Focho 4th de Julio/ MJ Memorial day BBQ


Amazing. words ni fotos can not describe.....



Thanks to all who came through to the Q, yadidiFOCHO.

Y Black..the focho road trip a San Diego is going down este fin de semana....yeee!


  1. liar. it was only 106 when you were in Phoenix. it will be 115 this weekend though...
    way good focho family pics btw

  2. aye my bad on that last comment... mijo! que flaco! backpacking will do that to you? i'm down, although i don't know if i have much to spare these days. how bad ass does cristina's new spot look? i will c you guys upon arrival!!! FOCHO POR VIDA!