Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i gots to get to work but the computer decided it wanted to work this morning so i figured i had to lay something up on the FOCHO EMPIRE.... i'm really excited to see the boys this weekend. i hope everyone had an awesome fourth... from Guy's post i'd go ahead and assume ya'll made mike proud. i'll have some pics from the fourth up here as soon as i can get them from my camera to this dinosaur n' on to the intertron.

i found this scraper posted right next to my work and had to shoot it! it sounded like a BEAST!!! hahaha!!!

this does not say jizzzz.

this does say raw d... that's what i believe.

when you're in love there is no limit to the things you'll do for that person.... no matter how fun!


i'm sure this guy is pointing out something extraordinary... i just can't remember what.. most likely a booger.. but i'm sure a comment will provide clues if not answers.

no.. i wasn't trying to take a cute picture of girls stoopin it..

i just needed evidence that i got them to break bread... ahhahaha! thanks ladies.

little batteries volume II!!!! who's pumped???!!!!



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