Thursday, July 2, 2009

so uhh...

looks like we have a computer again... but i didn't manage to save my pictures from the first half of the year. wahhh waaaaahh waaaaaaahhhhhh..... pero it's ok. i smile regardless. i guess that means i just have to take way more que no?

i've been chipping away at the musica thang like a caged beast for some time now. possibly because i have been sober (for something like 2 weeks now) and way restless. i'm sure that's why i started with the booze and smoke.... so i could turn some of this OFF. but i think i'm learning to deal and balance my energy exertion. what does this all mean to you? nothing. but it's what's on my mind. as you can see in the picture directly below i've found new ways to entertain myself. this is my new jam for sure. stacking shopping carts in random places. this stack is like 7 or eight feet tall. everyone who seen it had something to say... i love it. putting that extra dash of sugar on someone elses cornbread.

this made me laugh.

ok... so i'm being lame right now.... i started this post with grand intentions... then i realized that i don't really have it in me. so i'ma throw down the first five and let those rock for a minute, then i should hit ya'll with the greater goods in the near future...

by popular demand....


xoxo -Frankie
p.s. i love you. <'s

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