Sunday, July 26, 2009


i'm bummed i was unable to make it... pero it's ok.. i'll have my day in the sun. i made a HUGE steak last night and covered the beast in all things garlic in order to maintain the celebration that is garlic festival.

what do you get when you take 4 friends and give them 12 40's of mickeys??? kirby's birthday and some malt overload. things of course got WAY outta control to say the least, and now i just wanna pedal.

snail trail?

i shot this picture on the way to the airport.

that's lil nate and my uncle jammin. my uncle kills the harp... lil nate replicates as often as possible with or without a harp of his own.

my beats sound lo-fi... and that's how i like 'em.
i'm finally in full health again... i shouldn't jinx myself since i'm going to ride a pool after work.
san diego goes hard... you justhave to be up on THAT go. (i'm down)
t-minus one month and counting.... i'm sooooooo ready.


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