Sunday, August 30, 2009

hell to the yes!

evelyn knows what's up with bringing focho to nueva york. we killed it last night. chowder.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



you know the feeling...

all your senses buzzing super tough.

the tingle in the back of your neck.

jittery hands.. you can't keep still..

you're FORGETTING something..(!????)...pero nah guy.

just go. love it. every second.

inhale the sweet piss filled air. (had to do it!!! cities just got that pungent aroma all their own!!!)

feed me!


damn yo. i've been looking forward to this day for quite sometime.. years.

shit happens for a reason. so today is the day.(we'll i guess tomorrow is the day... i gots an overnight flight n' i'm losing three on the wrist.)

tomorrow i arrive. (<--just for you guys)

damn i love my friends like mother.(fucker)

30's the new 20 just came on.

i'm glad even jayz is on that peter pan hype... cause that's BEEN my jam.

stockpile those water balloons.


Work is Fun

Microsoft Paint is awesome. I liken it to making a beat on a much older MPC or SP: super grimey, gangster style. Requires a little elbow grease, but when you’re at work, any creative outlet is a godsend. I got plenty ideas, just gotta make em pop. I emplore you all to send me your concepts for Focho related artwork so I can get a billion stickers made. Cheah! Here’s what I did at work today:

El Focho

The Reference

y el otro

El Focho:

and the Reference:

Cuz I don’t kill, I steal. Dust9, help a brother out! Make this look all good and shit… I’ll give you candy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Focho knows Hip-Hop

Rock The Bells 2009 was actually hella tight, definitely refreshing from previous years. Last year was just insanely badass, and I didn’t see how they were gonna top a line-up with Tribe, De La Soul, and Pharcyde. They certainly didn’t, but this year was one of rebuilding, and I can dig that. For a second, it started to feel like they were just rehashing the same show, just adding and mixing around different members of Wu-Tang. Of course there were members of Wu in the line-up, but the focus was pushed elsewhere. There was no accurate schedule for the lineup, so I was runnin back and forth between the two stages trying to watch the tightest shit. Didn't always happen, but I still got my money's worth. My favs? Tech Nine, Big Boi of Outkast, Slick Rick, and obviously the Roots fuckin killed everything.

This guy caught me off guard with how tight he was. Tech Nine:

The Ruler:

The Roots, always amazing:

Busta Rhymes started the show with so much energy and potential, but fell flat when he couldn't complete a single song. Still was tight tho:

In what has become a RTB tradition, we got wrecked the night before. At least I didn’t throw up out of Cyph’s car onto the street like last year. Good times.

"I think I got some 'mud' on my pants."

I was sick on Monday. This is what I went through to be alive at the Elbo Room:

Oatmeal Pacifica bus stop.

Mission n 16th 58 cent MickeyD's Theraflu cup.

But it was all well worth it.

Construct’s last show: way hyphy!! Big ups to Black for being hood. $54 plane tix make people wanna play summertime Santa, hooking up legit plastics of AAA2 and the ill spray paint tees and bike wheels. The audio is on point, as well as the estra content and fancy artwork. I’ll be getting you the reciprocation wheel as soon as I get down to Gilroy. And, of course, rest assured that I will never wash that shirt, ever. On with the show! Peep the culprits:

Mon Bon:

Beta Central:

Paulie Rhyme:

This Guy:

Can you say “late”? Black giving the proper send off and welcome.

Construct Existence Crew!:

Can’t Find a Villain:

I got pics! Check em out here. Also, I got mad video clips on Youtube, so check that shit too. Focho been multimedia!

And now, please give it up for Ale’s closing remarks:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

dropping bombs...

listening to "nowhere fast" by blackalicious..

hella yeah to the muffukin cyph4 for fore four helping make it happen. focho taxi in full effect.

i brought the shirts... n i dropped the shirts.

no costumes.. just masks.

awesome pic.

tare prowling

naz nazzing out all rude

3 faces

awesome face

even more awesome face

see you guys soon.

no llodes

best on stage siblings.

lola's on the guest list

rockstar + Phở Cow = next picture

chocolate scum t... i'm jealous.

find brads tongue tho.

this guy ended up with the only multi scum...

yurpel scum.. ale says <'s

say <'s to ale.

gas brake dip.

gig harder.



p.s. i luh ya.

Monday, August 17, 2009


and stuff..

pero cheaaa!

too hyped on kickin it in frisco for construct's last show..(yeah right.. you guys are still gonna do shows together.. if nothing.. because i said so.?)

the battle went terrible..(why lie?)

well it was tight. i showed up with my box and a grip of LIMITED EDITION merch. and there was no one there but hard(?) ass battle rappers and their girlfriends. ohh... and a couple of heads that were performing...and their girlfriends..

needless to say everyone just wanted to tell me how they should have their shit out right now and be slanging that shit. well buddy...i think you guys should start a support group because i can only console none of you and we passed that threshold the second i got here. that's why i'm me and you're you. you can TELL me how sick you are.. while i'm showing you what time it is. game needs to recognize game in that other ass south south bay. hella not like dirty south either.

this guy was actually tight. down to just kick it and freestyle. everyone kept going in and out in between sets and you could see with a $500 purse the dudes who threw the battle were gonna be taking a hit.

so my jam was... pay for the entry fee with proceeds from the FLY SHIT (obviously not fly enough) i had out.

...well no one copped shit.

hella dudes were down to freestyle (or son-ting(!?)) in front the joint tho. and i was FEELING that shit. i felt like i was on and had a fair shot. (i honestly thought i had a fair shot... shows the level of skill @ this among the dudes pre go-time) i so i packed up shop and hit the atm...

everyone in the battle was a variation of this guy...

...'cept i think i won that battle.

i lost in the first round. <'s(elf) to lates ones self <'s(elf) "..damn i'm good @ this game." my favorite was the dude who looked like nos, "free'd" a written(offbeat to say the LEAST), threw the mic when he was done with his first verse...awesome. yo, find this van in the parking lot at work the other day. dude let us try a mangosteen... wow. fruit of the gods. word on the bench is durian make strong like bull..

i didn't get to try the durian. ol' boy hit us off with a flier and and said hit 'em up when we want to be down.

I DID get my paws on this delectable lunchtime delicacy though... turkey peperjack and baby spinach con pizza secreto.

make sleepy.

lunchtime meditation. daygo styleee.

so this is my most recent self portrait. i like it.. and if that means you get a free shirt out of it... well then that means your ass is just gonna hafta wear my shit.

throwback.. i hope this guy is at the show.. it's 4:35am and i think i'ma hit'em up.

i just finished recording 2 beats to a disc along with little batteries vol.II.

i just copied the song and made a pt1 and a part2 disc. now it's off my hard drive and i can load it onto the computer!!! guess who's about to try and email a huge file?


if all goes well.. you two will have a 2 c.d. set with this as the cover.