Tuesday, August 25, 2009



you know the feeling...

all your senses buzzing super tough.

the tingle in the back of your neck.

jittery hands.. you can't keep still..

you're FORGETTING something..(!????)...pero nah guy.

just go. love it. every second.

inhale the sweet piss filled air. (had to do it!!! cities just got that pungent aroma all their own!!!)

feed me!


damn yo. i've been looking forward to this day for quite sometime.. years.

shit happens for a reason. so today is the day.(we'll i guess tomorrow is the day... i gots an overnight flight n' i'm losing three on the wrist.)

tomorrow i arrive. (<--just for you guys)

damn i love my friends like mother.(fucker)

30's the new 20 just came on.

i'm glad even jayz is on that peter pan hype... cause that's BEEN my jam.

stockpile those water balloons.


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