Thursday, August 20, 2009

dropping bombs...

listening to "nowhere fast" by blackalicious..

hella yeah to the muffukin cyph4 for fore four helping make it happen. focho taxi in full effect.

i brought the shirts... n i dropped the shirts.

no costumes.. just masks.

awesome pic.

tare prowling

naz nazzing out all rude

3 faces

awesome face

even more awesome face

see you guys soon.

no llodes

best on stage siblings.

lola's on the guest list

rockstar + Phở Cow = next picture

chocolate scum t... i'm jealous.

find brads tongue tho.

this guy ended up with the only multi scum...

yurpel scum.. ale says <'s

say <'s to ale.

gas brake dip.

gig harder.



p.s. i luh ya.

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