Thursday, August 6, 2009


this dude been gettin fly. no joke... ole boy had the triple velcro pumas. rather pimperish for the dmv pero that's how some cats do.

in order to do the next photograph full justice a story must be relayed, simply because this picture came in the middle of a story. so i'm at work and a co worker runs in back and says "get a load of homeboy at the register... top to bottom, THEN read his shirt."

so i wonder out to the cash wrap and sure enough, dudes got swag.
for starters... working @ a bike shop is pretty funny. you start to notice that your "regulars" are kind of "nut jobs". it's just reality. a good nut job indicator is the helmet nut. dudes been in the store for over an hour and hasn't taken his helmet off. you lose something like 80% of your body heat through your head. it's SAN DIEGO! our weather varies from the 60's to the 80's. if you leave your helmet on.. you're a nut.

basically, dude looked like a bigger, older rick moranis. so i walk behind the counter and realize ole boy is making moves and i'm not going to get to check the fit. so i hit him with one of the good customer service lines... "you need a hand with something?"

i'm sure he answered... but i was so caught up in the FIT i went senseless. after i read the fit i was back @ my bench like.."i need to get a picture of this." i got my lurk on...

i posted in front of the store with my camera..

took a couple of adjustment shots.

and i waited....
and i wayted....
dude paid for the merch before i even got into paparazzi mode...
and weighted..
and said "FUCK IT"-i'm going inside.

well, there i was back in the back.
doing the wrench thing again..
till the nerve was struck.. "just ASK him!"

"why wouldn't I?" (right?)-if he's rockin this ridiculous shirt he probably WANTS it to be noticed.

so i did.

"yo(!) me n my friends make t-shirts and yours is HELLA FRESH!!!"

"hey thanks... i love it, it's 25 years old... you wanna hear a story?"

"why you got a lil somethin?" (FUCK YEAH!!!)

story goes... dude is/was a juggler and was teaching his roommate how to juggle.. roommates girl strikes through while he's teaching her man to juggle and LOVES it. so she makes him this shirt.

so once he's done relaying the tale of of the T, he says..."you wanna know something else?"
@ this point he looks around to see who all's within an ear shot and leans in with pt.II to this EPIC TALE.

he points at a magazine on the counter at the store and says "you know that guy?" it was lance armstrong OF COURSE i know that guy. "well a couple years back i got a little bit of what he did.." (testicular cancer.) "i guess you could say i'm traveling a little "lighter" these days..

wow... blew my mind. straight up... the last thing i told him was "thank you for the inspiration."

this is my FAVORITE project for the month. (lydon.. your project is HELLA CLOSE to completion, don't think i forgot about you boo.)

this guy came into the store SCREAMING. amped on this bike like TWAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!! so money. i love meeting people who love it... whatever IT is. he rolled through with some digital slr so we could take pics of him with his new bike. ecstatic is a great adjective... but he didn't wanna look soft in the pics so dude was muggin like jim duggan.

the stencil game has been poppin off super tough round the crib. i schooled dirdirt and now ole boy is maintaining his scumposure in front uh five bad-ass chicken breasts.

this is the cash cow. if you wanna know the story hit me up... but this is the stencil on the shirts that i'll be selling in front the epic-centre tonight in order to enter this battle for $500. i mean shit... if i lose... i still win. hit me up if you're tryin to get on one of these limited fits.

besitos. -Frankie

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