Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Business

Garfield knows what's up, and he hated Mondays. My Monday morning started with me opening my door to this...

Woohah! Tim hooked me up! I can't wait to see if I can get this thing to work. Whatchu know 'bout me? One unit, two turntables, mixer, line input, tape deck with the mothafuckin recording capabilities, and, of course, microphone hookups. YEEEEEE!!! Fingers crossed!

I redid and prettied up this bad boy, cuz I can. A+ in resourcefulness, holla atcha noise. I'm making stickers of this one and the Capcom one too, shirts TBA. Let's get it!

Currently bumpin:

TD Camp (Pretty fuckin dope)
Pharcyde - LabcabinCalifornia
Dazz Band - Joystick
Rick James - Garden of Love

Currently Thumbin:

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (GameCube) So ill! And I got it for 6 bucks! Late. <

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