Monday, September 14, 2009

i'd love to start this post with something exciting. but i'll leave that to the pictures.

i JUST received one of the craziest phone calls of all time. c'est la vie.

como se dice swamp donkey?

infermo... real quick. that foul train. sorry beto.

the treatment... shorts n all.


no "cork charge"...HOWLA

making poor fun? this spots going in the mini mag.

lif's doppelganger.

found protest in manhattan.

the most rude boy of all time.

precious moments....1

if only claudia were here.

yo EV.. your wiki proof is in this pudding.

ev let her inner berkeley shine.

2 times,
2 times!

precious momets...2


"shrek's kinda fine tho" (find the coca cola 20ozer filled with budwiser wrapped in a 'shrek on broadway' program)

breakin the law

i went to the bronx.. and found GAR

instead of rockin the 20ozer i rolled the mickey d's plastic.

too hard for the radio.

we didn't fin jenny from the block...


i think straws in cans is the new thing. or son-ting.

found it.

focho approves.

find angelique at the halal joint.

precious moments....3

real talk?

cool "exhibit" @ the museum of modern art. your name and the date @ your height.

and then hello kitty became REAL emotional.

5 points in queens is que onda. this is a view from the train.

otra ves

ground level.

aye... shut up.

more salt...

and then i got a tat.

foul train.

scummy bear makes moves on the train.

above the clouds

as you can imagine, this post took hella long.
alot has happened since i started this post.
all i know is... don't get comfortable.

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