Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Many Faces of Mad Dog 20/20

Before we get into all that, just wanna let you know that a bunch of US cities are petitioning to have either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, and Oakland is one of them. So y'all should click here to vote to bring the world to the town. Brothas wanna play some futbol! YEE!!

I recall being about 16, going to the skate park on the morning of Easter Sunday to go ride for a lil before munchin on some ham. Black is there, we ridin, kickin it, etc. UniverSAL is there, skating, being tight. We're chopping it up with him and he pulls out a bottle of the orange Mad Dog 20/20, takes a swig, and proceeds to be the homie and offer to us. Me n Black both look at each other, it being like 10 in the morning and we were supposed to be around family in an hour or so, and kindly decline. A slight look of disappointment/confusion on Verse's face, he takes another drink and throws it in his graff covered bag.

This drink definitely represents an era of scummy discovery and just being young and getting drunk. Nowadays, since we can buy all types of different drank, it's not quite the same. Hence the many faces of MD 20/20...

The "kinda ashamed to be drinking this" drinker:

The happy drinker:

The self-absorbed drinker:

The "bout it, rep yo drank" drinker:

And "the guy that has no idea (nor cares) what he's drinking" drinker:

I think it was Guy that bought it, not sure, but it definitely made shit more funner (take that 1st grade grammar!) But the whole reason the red got reintroduced and dranken was Ale's birthday, but he was too busy getting birthday texts for me to snap a foto of his signature MD face. Next time guey. Happy extra sleepy Mexican late fochodotcom Birthday wiches.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


this point... it doesn't even matter.




here kitty kitty....

bout it.


oooooweeeeaklaaaaannnnddddd? in daygo?

mira mesa.

og mira mesa now.( harleypbnj)

sniper sleeper stache on the bus home a couple ago...


life goes.

i maintain.

and only ask the same.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Phoenix = Heat, calor, sand, heat, and crazy ass racist white people, pero tambien hay un groupo de amazing, interesting, fun activists, (aka cristina and all her friends) who hold down the only sanity out there, pero also to my suprise they got outrageously good ass food. In my limited experience, it seems that all the tight people out there fit into two groups, either they are in someway involved with social justice activism, or are in some way involved with good ass food.

although Cristina has found a new life in the arms of health and vegetables which is pretty awesome she obviously knows all the spots for outrageous goodness, this spot was called burger works and is where i encountered one of the best burgers I,ve ever had..... and they got a horse shoe pit tambien...

we also hit up Edi berto's which is one of three berto taquerias, the others are fili berto's and hili berto's all open 24hrs serving amzing goodness for hella good prices, and black they got those carne asada fries.

to continue on the food tip, there are these places called two hippies, we ate breakfast at the two hippies breakfast joint. imagine a huge omelet witn your choice of 6 ingredients, we went with sausage, chorrizo, cheddar, oinions, mushrooms, and broccoli, served over a huge bed of country potatoes, for only 6 dollas, only one of these filled both of us up, amazing.

Cristina had had house "cooling" party Saturday night. we spent the day setting up the backyard con lights, and cooking. we had quite a spread, garlic bread, lumpia, hella dips, meatballs...
id say about 50 people came through out the night, was dope, one of cristinas firends brought a grill and Qed up the asada, while i talked politics with her school mates who were form all over the world, africa, russia, canada.

heres the awwww pic

the only party pic i got

after finishing the wine the night ended with me and cristina sitting on her couch, me handling a chocolate satin pie from marie calenders and cristina getting down on a thing a moose tracks ice cream. does it get any better?

Phoenix can be way tight with the right people. the rest of focho should be down at some point to make the road trip happen.

Cristina your amazing, I love you.

PS.. A big Happy Birthday goes out to Diana, currently making big thangs happen doing her thang in NY, and establishing focho in the Big apple. hope your doing well.

Happy Birthday Love

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tell Me LA Ain't Tight

I first read about this a few weeks ago, but apparently it’s been there for over a year now. A graff crew called Metro Transit Assassins basically crushed the LA River with a .5 mile long piece (which works out to about 400 gallons of paint) thought to be the biggest in the world. LATE!

Estimated time of completion: a couple of really late nights.

Such an epic display of gangster, and it had a good long run. However, as I type, it is being removed by the Army Corps of Engineers, all for a couple mil billed to the City of LA. It was called a “blight on the great urban landscape”. Blight? Not the huge cement banks bordering the river and running the length of the city, though. Props to these dudes for making shit happen.

Huge pieces, tacos, Blood In Blood Out, Project Blowed… gotta love LA. Can’t spell < without it!

Currently bumpin: Aceyalone - All Balls Don't Bounce (brilliant)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

day jobs and secret weapons

o boy.
audio scribble volume three in the works.

featuring batman bin suparman!!!

i've been hearing folks sweat the weather hella much lately. i like when it's raining. that shit smells hella good tho!! and i don't own a car. i ride bikes in the rain... and love every second of it. if you own the album mamas gun by eykah badu... i highly suggest listening to it while out for a walk in these autumn showers. you can skip tack one. ha.

filming for the taco volume of don't watch this was a success. 9 pounds of meat, 4 avocados, 1 onion, 1 huge pop top of beans, 2 bundles of green onions, 2 tomatoes and a pound of queso fresco made for quite the eats... we finishied it all between five people... we share that same love for food.

i've been taking pictures of san diego like a tourist. it feels good to have a new found respect for this place. san diego holds me down proper.

let me know if you wanna drop a lil somethin somethin on the mixtape.. it's going to be hilarious.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Love Food

Mannn, food tastes really good. Anywhere you are, there's bound to be bomb ass grub spots that are cheap and greasy and lovely. In Frisco, make that one on every corner. So much goodness from every region of the world, and you know I'm representing for the fatties. But I can't! No more after school skate park, b-ball, whatever sport super active lifestyle. I sit in a fucking ergonomic chair 8 hours a day, then get home and sit in Tim's old computer chair for at least another 3. Gotta be healthy, gotta practice self deprivation, gotta be good, gotta not eat? Ludacris! That's why you eat bird seed for 5 days a week and then go nuts on ribs for 2 days and hope it all evens out. Or you just be Black and Noah's ark your dinner and eat two of everything. Or you... Does it even matter? McDonalds is the most profitable food provider in the world, your nutrition has been defeated. Let's eat!

We went to Truckee the other week:

River to the Right-

River to the Left-

Chickeny goodness all around-

I'm such a fan of the home cooked meal, f a Santana Row! And I'm way down to man the BBQ, put in work, smell like smokey meat, and most likely eat last. Funny, I can't grow a beard, watch cartoons and play video games more than I talk politics over wine, and make less than Lil Bow Wow when he was 13, yet I love to cook for people. Guess some folks mature differnt than others. Anyhow, dinner!



Next stop Reno, aka the land of mullets, for the rib cookoff! Missing in this pic are the flip-flops and the pig/motorcycle front print on the tank.

Anyone who BBQ's knows that it's all bout that sauce!


Lil mid day entertainment:

But you know we stay active and out there. It's only natural and it's fo sho nature. Find it!

Point of this post: BALANCE. Just goin off the previous post. Oh, you don't freestyle? My bad. Black will tell you what's up. <

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Cypress Hill - Los Grandes Exitos En Espanol
Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia (such a good album, find Dilla prime time)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

balance. you can't have the good without experiencing the bad. i'm in he middle of a major upswing. i'll be home from the 24th to the 27th. i heard something about a focho reunion but i'm thinking that went down at the construct show....

i'll be spending the day before thanksgiving @ las animas park. the oaks in particular. there is nothing i want to do more than ride the gilroy skatepark. so that's what i'm going to do.

after all the stress and all the worry it's nice to be relieved from certain weights.

i feel great.

thanks again to all those involved...which means ALL OF YOU.

it's that time of year again, and i'm in a position of overwhelming thanks.

i have to go to work now but i'll have you know that kirby and i will be filming don't watch this #7 today. it's going to be the taco volume.

on 2 side notes...
thank cyph4 four for fore this one....

and you can thank andy for this little treat.... both come highly recommended by myself...

Country Clubbin 2006 Throwback, not throw-aways from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

Monday, October 5, 2009


september is over. i mark my calender with happy faces because it's a great way to start your day. when i was working in s.f. the store i worked at was next door to a halfway house. i needed a delivery driver way bad and the only guy who applied was a resident of this halfway house.
Greg Huffman.
super rad dude. he would always go off about some crazy conspiracy or the supernatural. (not the rapper cyph)
needless to say he was waaaaaay fun to work with.
@ the time i was going through a real tough adjustment period. trying to make sf mine and it wasn't working. greg knew all of this and would give me little tips on how to maintain a positive outlook.
optimisms a mother.
the one tip i'll never forget was the mirror trick. he said the first thing i should do everyday is look in the mirror and ask myself out loud how i felt on that morning.
now i'm no psychologist.. but that tricks works. the first time i did it i couldn't keep from laughing. i felt like i must be insane to be asking myself how i feel. but something about saying it and hearing yourself say it works. i don't have to say it anymore to feel it.

i just mark my calender.

hats off to akai professional. they make os updates as easy as possible. i will be a customer for life. i can't wait to cop my NEXT buddy!
(someday right? i'm too poor for that shit now)

so what do you do after you get the new bad as os for your mpc? make a song !!! well, with the rough draft of lydons cd already floating around i've decided to start work on the third installment of Audio Scribble. the working title for this volume is "day jobs and secret weapons."
and my first vocal donor? jay-mi from malibu. my favorite jay-mi story involves the song shove it by santogold. dirdirt was playing a song on the computer and saying that the song was her ringback tone thing. "yeah this is the one about shutting doors right?"chris questioned...

"nah, i think this says We think you're a joke shove your hope where it don't shine." i corrected

"well jay-mi says the song sings, We be gettin doors shut that don't shut" he relayed..

next day she's at the house singing about shutting doors....

hell yeah jay-mi.

now some people may think i'm taking advantage of her naive nature.. but those people need to understand that i am such a good salesman i had jay-mi all in on the recording hype... askin me when the next time she could record was. she wanna drop an e.p. n shit. to which they argue, "but you're gonna make her look like an idiot." nah... that's not my style. i make fresh beats and paste your words on them. if anything i'ma make all the dumb shit she says slap. then you can dance to it. and besides... who listens to lyrics anyway?gar-beats-raps?

i went to a beer party. it was filled with med students.
they have a very different sense of humor. different from mine at least. i can dig it though.
ohhh yeah... and they're waaay into pit stains. holla!

a perfect example is everyone coming up to me saying "i love the pull my finger shirt!!!"

like this guy who had the cali-fart-on-ya t. he demanded we take pics together.

this was taken on the drive over. shaw drives a 300z. 2 seats baby! and it's got a manual tranny.

i'm a fat ass. no joke. i eat like an animal.
this plate is covered by a plate sized steak that i grilled for about 40 minutes to an hour. beast steak. i grilled the potatoes and onions as well for a very heart dinner. meat n tatoes. think of just putting 2 potatoes on a steak. hella yes MAN FOOD!!!!!!!! can you feel the testosterone?
(lydon... yes... i used a whole onion)

yes... of course... you know how it ends.... <'s

i've been having a really hard week and today is saturday. my saturday. so i'm updating the site like i promised. i day dream alot. perhaps it's my way to escape reality. daydreaming is awesome, but when you're done you're still here in this lovely world. i get really stressed and freak myself out once in a while. definitely not as frequently as i used to... i guess i'm gettin better at this whole sanity thing. pero chea! now i feel like i can enjoy my days off and prepare myself for the coming week. whatever... i've rambled enough and will now leave you with a picture i took right outside my "office" .




i love you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fochismo: A Trip Into History

SO here is my massive update, its got a little of everything, get excited to scroll...Ima start from the most recent events and go back into history so so so check it.

To start things off fresh, here is the Focho T I came up with on dat intronet, id buy everybody one but they cost like $20 each so, late. pero Ill order as many as people want, let me know what you think and holla if you down to cop it. Also, check out the website we can hella make shirts. YadidIfochomerchandice

a week ago was Ale's B day so yadidIhappy Birfday, we hit up the beach, maxs' and the sun room, hella good times,
Find that good time on the playa.

I finally decided to make moves, and so i found me a new best friend to further the possibilities of Studio Focho Gilas, which im hella excited about... Im so down with ebay now

The so called LAST construct show was amazing as always. I have a feeling though the greatness that is construct will be contuiue somehow, maybe a new albums in the future, possible produced by studio focho?...

Black came through on the airplane and brought presents. We then got way hyphy in the ally.


how good is this picture.... hella

G fest was outragious as always, I hella didn't take that many pictures though, Ale and John, L to the and maria all came through.

Workin the G fest con hella little aprons

The little batteries 2 as past posts have show was amazing and yielded even more amazingness... if you havent heard it get at someone.

Lydon and I arrived in SD at like 3 we had that good all night morning focho reunion, and then asked the obvious question, at what time in the AM to they start selling beer again?
The Answer 7AM Yeeee!
7 am is when they start selling beer again in san diego

Breakfast of champions.

While i was going back in history I figured I would just keep going, so here is some greatness from the past.

Cristina = Bad Ass ...Graduation Yee!

We are, the deffinition of Hyphy.., RIP THE LAKE


Sooooo Axious.....


While Im at it I might as well take it even further, to anather level....

Find How tight my dad is...

Sean: "I was focho before you were born"

Focho 76'....