Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fochismo: A Trip Into History

SO here is my massive update, its got a little of everything, get excited to scroll...Ima start from the most recent events and go back into history so so so check it.

To start things off fresh, here is the Focho T I came up with on dat intronet, id buy everybody one but they cost like $20 each so, late. pero Ill order as many as people want, let me know what you think and holla if you down to cop it. Also, check out the website we can hella make shirts. YadidIfochomerchandice

a week ago was Ale's B day so yadidIhappy Birfday, we hit up the beach, maxs' and the sun room, hella good times,
Find that good time on the playa.

I finally decided to make moves, and so i found me a new best friend to further the possibilities of Studio Focho Gilas, which im hella excited about... Im so down with ebay now

The so called LAST construct show was amazing as always. I have a feeling though the greatness that is construct will be contuiue somehow, maybe a new albums in the future, possible produced by studio focho?...

Black came through on the airplane and brought presents. We then got way hyphy in the ally.


how good is this picture.... hella

G fest was outragious as always, I hella didn't take that many pictures though, Ale and John, L to the and maria all came through.

Workin the G fest con hella little aprons

The little batteries 2 as past posts have show was amazing and yielded even more amazingness... if you havent heard it get at someone.

Lydon and I arrived in SD at like 3 we had that good all night morning focho reunion, and then asked the obvious question, at what time in the AM to they start selling beer again?
The Answer 7AM Yeeee!
7 am is when they start selling beer again in san diego

Breakfast of champions.

While i was going back in history I figured I would just keep going, so here is some greatness from the past.

Cristina = Bad Ass ...Graduation Yee!

We are, the deffinition of Hyphy.., RIP THE LAKE


Sooooo Axious.....


While Im at it I might as well take it even further, to anather level....

Find How tight my dad is...

Sean: "I was focho before you were born"

Focho 76'....



  1. is there a female tee available?

  2. am pm... too much GOOD STUFF.
    rip the lake. sad face sad face.
    hell ya you got an mpc. MAKE MOVES!!!
    next time timmy g tries to say he "invented" focho... tell him to go find sean and they can talk it out. hell yeah '76