Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Love Food

Mannn, food tastes really good. Anywhere you are, there's bound to be bomb ass grub spots that are cheap and greasy and lovely. In Frisco, make that one on every corner. So much goodness from every region of the world, and you know I'm representing for the fatties. But I can't! No more after school skate park, b-ball, whatever sport super active lifestyle. I sit in a fucking ergonomic chair 8 hours a day, then get home and sit in Tim's old computer chair for at least another 3. Gotta be healthy, gotta practice self deprivation, gotta be good, gotta not eat? Ludacris! That's why you eat bird seed for 5 days a week and then go nuts on ribs for 2 days and hope it all evens out. Or you just be Black and Noah's ark your dinner and eat two of everything. Or you... Does it even matter? McDonalds is the most profitable food provider in the world, your nutrition has been defeated. Let's eat!

We went to Truckee the other week:

River to the Right-

River to the Left-

Chickeny goodness all around-

I'm such a fan of the home cooked meal, f a Santana Row! And I'm way down to man the BBQ, put in work, smell like smokey meat, and most likely eat last. Funny, I can't grow a beard, watch cartoons and play video games more than I talk politics over wine, and make less than Lil Bow Wow when he was 13, yet I love to cook for people. Guess some folks mature differnt than others. Anyhow, dinner!



Next stop Reno, aka the land of mullets, for the rib cookoff! Missing in this pic are the flip-flops and the pig/motorcycle front print on the tank.

Anyone who BBQ's knows that it's all bout that sauce!


Lil mid day entertainment:

But you know we stay active and out there. It's only natural and it's fo sho nature. Find it!

Point of this post: BALANCE. Just goin off the previous post. Oh, you don't freestyle? My bad. Black will tell you what's up. <

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