Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Many Faces of Mad Dog 20/20

Before we get into all that, just wanna let you know that a bunch of US cities are petitioning to have either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, and Oakland is one of them. So y'all should click here to vote to bring the world to the town. Brothas wanna play some futbol! YEE!!

I recall being about 16, going to the skate park on the morning of Easter Sunday to go ride for a lil before munchin on some ham. Black is there, we ridin, kickin it, etc. UniverSAL is there, skating, being tight. We're chopping it up with him and he pulls out a bottle of the orange Mad Dog 20/20, takes a swig, and proceeds to be the homie and offer to us. Me n Black both look at each other, it being like 10 in the morning and we were supposed to be around family in an hour or so, and kindly decline. A slight look of disappointment/confusion on Verse's face, he takes another drink and throws it in his graff covered bag.

This drink definitely represents an era of scummy discovery and just being young and getting drunk. Nowadays, since we can buy all types of different drank, it's not quite the same. Hence the many faces of MD 20/20...

The "kinda ashamed to be drinking this" drinker:

The happy drinker:

The self-absorbed drinker:

The "bout it, rep yo drank" drinker:

And "the guy that has no idea (nor cares) what he's drinking" drinker:

I think it was Guy that bought it, not sure, but it definitely made shit more funner (take that 1st grade grammar!) But the whole reason the red got reintroduced and dranken was Ale's birthday, but he was too busy getting birthday texts for me to snap a foto of his signature MD face. Next time guey. Happy extra sleepy Mexican late fochodotcom Birthday wiches.


  1. that good of a post chea! good time scummy memories was hella my intention in bringing back the mad dizzle in honor of ale s cumpli anos. Im thinking the
    mD will have to make and appearance thiss week end for halloween, ill bring that orange...yee

  2. this is hella what makes me miss you guys the most...that and barbacoa. Lova ya!!