Friday, October 23, 2009


Phoenix = Heat, calor, sand, heat, and crazy ass racist white people, pero tambien hay un groupo de amazing, interesting, fun activists, (aka cristina and all her friends) who hold down the only sanity out there, pero also to my suprise they got outrageously good ass food. In my limited experience, it seems that all the tight people out there fit into two groups, either they are in someway involved with social justice activism, or are in some way involved with good ass food.

although Cristina has found a new life in the arms of health and vegetables which is pretty awesome she obviously knows all the spots for outrageous goodness, this spot was called burger works and is where i encountered one of the best burgers I,ve ever had..... and they got a horse shoe pit tambien...

we also hit up Edi berto's which is one of three berto taquerias, the others are fili berto's and hili berto's all open 24hrs serving amzing goodness for hella good prices, and black they got those carne asada fries.

to continue on the food tip, there are these places called two hippies, we ate breakfast at the two hippies breakfast joint. imagine a huge omelet witn your choice of 6 ingredients, we went with sausage, chorrizo, cheddar, oinions, mushrooms, and broccoli, served over a huge bed of country potatoes, for only 6 dollas, only one of these filled both of us up, amazing.

Cristina had had house "cooling" party Saturday night. we spent the day setting up the backyard con lights, and cooking. we had quite a spread, garlic bread, lumpia, hella dips, meatballs...
id say about 50 people came through out the night, was dope, one of cristinas firends brought a grill and Qed up the asada, while i talked politics with her school mates who were form all over the world, africa, russia, canada.

heres the awwww pic

the only party pic i got

after finishing the wine the night ended with me and cristina sitting on her couch, me handling a chocolate satin pie from marie calenders and cristina getting down on a thing a moose tracks ice cream. does it get any better?

Phoenix can be way tight with the right people. the rest of focho should be down at some point to make the road trip happen.

Cristina your amazing, I love you.

PS.. A big Happy Birthday goes out to Diana, currently making big thangs happen doing her thang in NY, and establishing focho in the Big apple. hope your doing well.

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  1. thanks for the bday shout out;) everyone should visit ny soooon!