Monday, November 23, 2009

Ween is short for...

...everyone's favorite meat product! And it's also in the word Halloween. I had fun, but didn't follow the PEMDAS of drinking and ended up sleeping through trig yet again! Only it wasn't Ms Zuhr and her mega flab SOHCAHTOA arms that woke me up, it was barf exploding out my face. For the record, I'm Apu Nahasapetapetelan.

Ale making peepees.

I am a freakazoid, come on and wind me up.

We brought a 30 pack, thinking we'd get the 80's cool guy reception from the party, but there was already like 150 beers in the fridge. More the merrier!

Cyph is hella Irish.

Cheah! Find the secret cree stash...


Blind guy y "I'm a dark angel".

Bear forgot that it was Halloween.

Oh yeah.

Angry croc. Don't pull the teeth.

Kristen and Kelly came! Yay!

Moose y flauta con carne.

"I just got every piece of costume that I have and put it all together. Think of I have lamb hands!" Guy was mad ridic.

Apparently I hella cut in front of Kelly for the bathroom. Sorry!

So me and Celisse took like 15 pictures together, and they all basically look like this.

Before this, Katherine was dressed as the Wanz. Best. Costume. Ever.(of Wanslow)

So that's it. Black's birthday is on Wednesday. He's stoked on the next few days, so am I. Gilas! Focho! Cheah! The first pic of Bear's junk was quite the preemptive, but still gotta throw out the...

late <


i'm be making my way home tomorrow.
wednesdays were made for the gilroy skatepark.. aka heaven.
i'm buggin out right now. i've been needing home in my life for a minute.
the emotional wear that comes with being away from the people you love is a bit much at times.... and you all know what an emo person i am.
this can't be the last time i'm up before i move. i'ma haftoo head back sometime in january.. @ least i'ma try my best... but let's be cereal here. if you were moving you'd try and save as much as possible right? sooooo, i may not be able to make another trip.. only time will tell..
i have to go back to work now. i love you guys and hopefully i'll see you tomorrow.... or WEDNESDAY!!!! seriously... come out and play. i'd love to hear what you've been up to.

Yours truly, Frankie

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Focho Fridays

remember when THIS use to happen every week......

this was the only time I video taped a focho friday. Roomate Dance Off!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I ve been looking through all my random ass videos from the archives of Focho which always prompts me to think that I should compile all this greatness and make a focho homevideos DVD to give out to focho. Pero I need to put errything on one comp and learn some editing skills or something, so while I begin that process I decided to to start throwing random shit up on that Focho u tube channel for everyones entertainment.

Due to the fact that the motha fukn Cyyfooooooooooooore has been out of commision for hella long as far as with his Intronet status Imma let cyph do his thang one time at the statues...YadidIStatues!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What up though Focho nation, a little seriousness one time.
Cristina is staying in Juarez Mexico this weekend till monday night to study a cooperative and the situation there with her class mates, which is outrageously tight pero for the fact that Juarez is currently the most dangerous city in the world with 1800 murders since last January and hella kidnappings, Obviously Im a lil worryied cause I am not able to contact her down there so please keep her in your prayers/thoughts

Thursday, November 5, 2009

going going back back.....

....this is what i'm listening to while writing captions....




diggy dang. halloween does how it do.

wear some shit n get down.

i like that style. (this is my STYLE post....expect salt.)

this is a mc awesome. a mc chicken shoved in between a mc double with free mac sauce and lettuce. not for the weak at heart.... 2 bucks. this is how i started my halloween night.

basically the homies an i mashed out to downtown con bicis to shred the gnar.

it's downtown.

spots + kooks + buildings and lights = a solid night and a couple funny pics.

if you're a couple and rocking costumes together... they best be FLY...

like these cowboys. toy guns n all...

or fred and wilma.... cutest couple FOR SURE. i feel in love with these two real quick.

damn... now this is not a fun couple.... well guess they we're goin super hard an hour ago or so...?

i didn't even care if these were costume... mandatory photo.

the threesome is always rad... i thought this guy was the christmas poo @ first..

then of course you know how I do... these 2 scared me... a little. they looked SUPER evil.

and if you got a costume... try to get one that can handle your night... this guy was mid repair and i had to shoot it. <'s

boots with the fur!!!

this my dude steve micheal right here. he a marine. he ride bikes. he gets to move back home in february.... he also has taken on the challenge of moving my studio to new york... driving across america. elated... love that word.


find this guys shrunken head???? with maaaad green paint on his face.. rule number whatever clearly states you DO NOT make out with a person cover in green paint!!!

waaaah taaaaahhhhh!!!!

ron jeremy...


kshaw. he the dude.

my bunny.

i boosted over this lexus on fade mode sin frenos con pig hat. crescendo.

1st runners up... for nothing but my props...
these three...


find counts wang.

yes and YES!!! these my muffukas right herrrrrre.

i seen three girls dressed up as disney princesses...

so i'm like "yo! get sick! i want b-girls! get it!" and what do they do? NOTHING!!!

well one of the three was down to try and throw down a lil son-ting son-ting..

so this dude rolls up from the side and gets on my direction hype..."you pop your collar, you brush off your shoulder and you throw a deuce...!"

nah.. they were hating on him also.. so axed the other 2... told dude to pop ole girls collar and i'd get a photo of them... GOLDEN. signed sealed delivered.

so that's it. that's what i did on halloween this year.

this year... what a CRAZY year.

just typing "what a crazy year" got me in memory mode. i'ma wrap this up and go through a SHITLOAD of photos i took this year. of course our house computer crashed earlier this year and i'm missing a chunk but it's all good. all things must come to an end.

like this post.

i love you.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween went hard.. we got it started at lydons and then made our way to the greatness that was Wanslows Halloween party in his new house in da mission which was outrageouse, hopefully someone got some pictures cause i hella did'nt. Props to Kristen and Kelley for making it through it was greAT to see you both.

Peep the Focho Styles Yee!

Do YA Head Like This!