Monday, November 23, 2009


i'm be making my way home tomorrow.
wednesdays were made for the gilroy skatepark.. aka heaven.
i'm buggin out right now. i've been needing home in my life for a minute.
the emotional wear that comes with being away from the people you love is a bit much at times.... and you all know what an emo person i am.
this can't be the last time i'm up before i move. i'ma haftoo head back sometime in january.. @ least i'ma try my best... but let's be cereal here. if you were moving you'd try and save as much as possible right? sooooo, i may not be able to make another trip.. only time will tell..
i have to go back to work now. i love you guys and hopefully i'll see you tomorrow.... or WEDNESDAY!!!! seriously... come out and play. i'd love to hear what you've been up to.

Yours truly, Frankie

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  1. orale mi negrito....ay so apparently grammy dukes needs to get tended to and swooped on that wednesday tip pero I'm gonna try to roll into that city of stank si es posible yadidi?? If its not in the cards allow me to drop love and felicidades por su cumple antes de skate park cue. We'll speak in the next few days, my people will be awaiting your call. Love peace and LATE!!!

    -- Ale (I'm still hella sleepy but that no doze and a redbull keeps me from missing focho goodness)