Monday, November 23, 2009

Ween is short for...

...everyone's favorite meat product! And it's also in the word Halloween. I had fun, but didn't follow the PEMDAS of drinking and ended up sleeping through trig yet again! Only it wasn't Ms Zuhr and her mega flab SOHCAHTOA arms that woke me up, it was barf exploding out my face. For the record, I'm Apu Nahasapetapetelan.

Ale making peepees.

I am a freakazoid, come on and wind me up.

We brought a 30 pack, thinking we'd get the 80's cool guy reception from the party, but there was already like 150 beers in the fridge. More the merrier!

Cyph is hella Irish.

Cheah! Find the secret cree stash...


Blind guy y "I'm a dark angel".

Bear forgot that it was Halloween.

Oh yeah.

Angry croc. Don't pull the teeth.

Kristen and Kelly came! Yay!

Moose y flauta con carne.

"I just got every piece of costume that I have and put it all together. Think of I have lamb hands!" Guy was mad ridic.

Apparently I hella cut in front of Kelly for the bathroom. Sorry!

So me and Celisse took like 15 pictures together, and they all basically look like this.

Before this, Katherine was dressed as the Wanz. Best. Costume. Ever.(of Wanslow)

So that's it. Black's birthday is on Wednesday. He's stoked on the next few days, so am I. Gilas! Focho! Cheah! The first pic of Bear's junk was quite the preemptive, but still gotta throw out the...

late <


  1. thats the best bear and celise ever looked

  2. Wow. How very mature of you Mr. "Anonymous". I sure do lose sleep at night wondering who you may be. Ha!

    Yes Lydon, you just kept snapping 'em.