Thursday, December 10, 2009


I got internet again mawfuckazzz!!!!

I am very excited about being back on the FOCHO scene!

A few updates for yallz:

1. My solo album is comin along VERY well and I'm expecting an early Feb. release. It's called the "Ordinary Independent E.P." It's got 8 tracks on it and they are FIRE!!!!!

2. Lydon, Kyle, and I are currently working on making a second album for your listening pleasure. We have a couple songs ready to record and we shall be doing so in the very new future. If you liked the first project, you will be thoroughly satisfied with this new one. WORD!!!!

3. FOCHO Xmas is obviously the biggest event in of the year, if not the history of people on earth, therefore it will be @ my house in the sunset in SF. L to the... is workin on the flyer right now with all the info. It wil be on the 26th of Dec. I am WAY hyped on this shit. So lets all pull together and make it SUPER CRACK OFF this year folkerzzzz.

4. I've been knockin these 4 jams lately and would like everyone to share in the experience por favor!!! Enjoy yallz. I luh youz.

This is how I want FOCHO Xmas to pop off yallz!!

Peace yallz. I'll see you all very soon!!

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  1. thank you cyph(four)for that sneak peak into the realm of casey. i miss you boo. did you ever get a chance to check for my camera? i would say gimme a call but you know how that goes. also... i'm sorry everyone but i wont be going back up to the bay for xmas. i cashed all those chips @ thanksgiving and will not be able to take part in this years annual focho christmas extravaganza. i'll be sure and ship you guys a piece of me so i may be there in spirit. xoxo -Black