Monday, December 7, 2009

Absence of light, absolute color.

When the b-day coincides with the turkey day, and the turkey day coincides with the south, south bay, it can only mean good things are about to happen. Gotta start it with the nostalgic rendezvous in SF tho...

Gilas version of the above, adjacent to the bounce house site. Didn't bother to take any pictures of people who were alive at the time tho... The 4 elements and 408 repped by more than us.

This is Black obvies. He woke up eventually and we rode to the respective family couches in limb numbing cold. It took a good 15 minutes before I could feel my hands and ffffeet. But Ale, whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there.

Mornin' pre-turkey sesh. "Aye, go have fun and I'll take a picture." "Aye, am I having fun?"



Happy Birthday.

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