Monday, December 7, 2009


ghostface is retarded. thank you lydon for sending me supreme clientele. i'm pretty sure dirdirt has made it so all my neighbors can now recite the lyrics to child's play.

had to drop the sexy on you real quick.. if you're not feeling it i don't mind cause i know cyph's prolly gonna call me twenty minutes after i post this.

i've had this album for a minute courtesy of deefer and it's definitely got some weight. pete rock production = glowing hip hop heads across the globe.

speaking of productions that got me gitty on the late.. this joint off lambs anger's been gettin the blap treatment around the shop since it dropped. kshaw is the dude and oizo rocks flat eric. when i was working in sf
flat eric held me down on the reg like no other. i'd be in my office doin payroll vibing out super tough.

it's raining in san diego... finally.

you know what they say...

so i went for a pedal in the rain and now i'm posted kickin it with youtube doin the video thing while i write these letters. when i'm done with this post i'ma go turn on the equipment and listen to the rainy day bounce. that's that one right there. every time i listen to it, i can taste coast range.

yeah... time for rainy day bounce.

i put this post together yesterday but didn't get a chance to publish.. there's something for everyone i guarantee!!

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