Friday, January 8, 2010


chowder on the real though. ya'll know the business. i was kickin it up in boo yorke. thinking back on new years i've never been one to bring in the new year with a bang. outside of the chocolate bunny year i haven't really done anything.... well i guess there was that year i went to max's in the sco for the huge party with the fire dancers and all the old hippies eating shroom chocolates but i ended up eating that bottle of blue stuff, puking on max's stairs and sleeping on the least comfy thing i could find. so, yeah... THIS NEW YEARS WAS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honestly though, i had an AMAZING time. no we didn't go to time square... i spent most of my time dancing with my boo! (luh ya babe)((i hope i get calls about that link))

i wrote a bunch of my new years post from gnue yawk but now you can check the fotos.

shall we? (keep in mind the order of the pics is a little crazy. i arrived on the 31st and departed on the 5th)

this is judah. rad dude from brooklyn. he's got words of wisdom... AND GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they didn't arrive together, but they had the SAME idea. (i laughed and took a pic)

simone was super dope and kept me warm @ miladys with badd ass fried fish and shots of jameson.
holla. (good prices, ((for manhattan)) great food, and rad conversation... i can dig it)

this was a dining prospect. la florencia 13... HAHAHHAHA!!!!!!! southern california style mexican food... i don't think anyone's told them burritos don't sell for more than 5 bones in these parts...

this person had recycling dialed. i wonder if they make you take out all the limes when you get to the recycling center?

you may have to blow this one up to get it all... but i totally dug this style.

rad subway pic.

dexter and his chameleon fit. dude got close to the wall and started to shift. talk about an expensive coat.

"you know where i can get pizza by the slice?"

posted in front little frankies.

is it a problem? cause i'm about to further the situation..
new york for bike lock..

remember the bbq joint i mentioned in the new years post? this was the ceiling in the restroom. nice.

it might look warm and cozy...

typical sign. (love me)

missy elliott. there's a noise that goes with this foto...


beauty bar.

brooklyn hotness.
otra ves.
not my style? yet....

i like this style. it's just so fucking RAW. don't get me wrong, it's ugly. but if you've got something to say this is pretty effective.

well put.

dex vibing out on trineice's nye attire. she flamboast uber tough doo.

close to mid night nye... ya boy working out the final kinks of '09...
make believe.. i LOVE it.
one second i'm saying i can't wait to see ugg stilettos... then i seen these fucking things!!!!!!!!!! YES!

this is one of those uber hip joints... fuck'em... but i liked their window display.

new york is off the hook.
flying into sd around 10.30pm...

this guy and his lady are straight fam. swooped me up and gave me that GOOD welcome back to california.

2010 is here. don't forget who your family is.
focho por vida.

P.S. if you haven't seen the show... strike through next weekend!!!!!!!!

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