Monday, January 25, 2010

focho friday and the art of <'s

the first focho meeting of 2010 went down over the weekend. lots of chillen took place. i just uploaded a ton of fotos. i'm sure i could have done something to save space on the blog.. but it's fun this way too.

they arrived around 3 and lydon said five words then fixed the house computer/stereo.

woke up dirdirt... and then <'sed him.

forgetting about your chicken on the grill could be a bad thing... but franks red hot can fix that too..

jus ask guy.

or the hyenas.

shoebox athletics.

footjob kit?

of course things first thing friday morning.

then it was the left over lumpia from dianas show! austin did an aight job fryin them up.. either way they all got eaten.

kirby in rare form off the matte.

the weekend seen a TON of this.

he spilled a little shortly after i shot this.

recommended by dirdirt.

<'s chones.

seductive <'s

clothesline multilate con shade.

embracing <

ninja un-late

team <

< dodgers.

double reverse <

and then the beer ninja rolled in with a 30 AND all the makings for 2 HUGE pots of chili..

wow... man save!!! 6.83 regular 27.53... MAN SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meat lovers chocolate.

flower power.

not weird..

this meant something that i can't remember.

maybe it had something to do with chilli butt.

THANK YOU NIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN NIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get some.
the next 2 pics go together..

post chilli mimis.
saturday beast.
fart app on blast..
celeste gettin love from L to the..
then she got more love.
then i got loved..
then they got hated.
then steve showed up.
and dirdirt made moves.
ale kept it sexy.
scumbags kept it gutter.
mehmet kept it real.... and then left. which caused me to call it a night. i hope someone got pics of anthony covered in mud.
the sun will heal anything.
sol food.

so that was it... according to my point n click.

it's crunch time. gotta start packing. i'm driving out on the 4th of next month.
new york. time to get my hustle on. kinda crazy. but it's just like anywhere else. make moves. make rent. make peace. make memories. make dreams come true.

i miss you guys a lot. it was really hard to say goodbye to you not knowing when the next time i was going to get to kick it with you guys. pero it's all good. i know we'll make it happen. that's all we do. make it pop. focho goes hard. that's all i got. nothin but love and thanks.


  1. You're welcome! We are the masters of the epic arrival, extrordinary man presence. Quite a thorough picture cronology my dude. Crushing that pot of chili goodness = cross country mega faaa'ts. Sprinkle me, sprinkle me...

  2. except for kirby runnin dude out the back door....

  3. Chea! thank YOU mayne for being awesome. quite the epic amazing post, hella good times, boy fun * 10 to the power of focho. good luck man we'll see you there..