Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Focho Friday Video Log

What up though, Black handled the picture update already so Imma give yall the complementary update, of the madness that was the Focho week end of fun Dos Mil Diez, completamente on video, Chea!

In traditional form when traveling to the diego we left at 8 pm thursday night, drank hella mate, red bulls, spent way too much time looking for beer in LA, And then this went down.

Freestyle on road

We arived round 3 am after Lydon fixed the computer the all night focho friDAY was epic

After a day of chicken, chillen, and Anna gabriel, the focho friday continued pero con mas amigos

Nikki then came through with the amazingness.....

A great Idea

Saterday night was the final going away fiesta heres a few epic moments

Epic debates..

Fochos green thumb

Thanks to everyone who made it all happen. Good luck Black we love you, we'll see you on that east east side.

Chea! viva la clica


  1. OH MY GOOOODD! THE videos are so THE goodness. Finally got THE my computer goin and watched that shit. I don't even eat that shit.