Friday, January 1, 2010


MMIX.... Please take a bow.

i'm starting this post @ 3.26pm monday afternoon. i would do the wrap up/re-cap on the 1st like previous years but i'm about to be lampin in the yorke for nye.

it's been live ya'll. no doubt. know doubt. look it in the eyes and n give it THAT grin..

FOCHO.. that's my one right there. por vida.

Honestly, i don't even know where to start... is it just me or is EVERYONE fucking BUMMED on 2009? i think MJ passing away really did it. one of those events that has everyone torn up and pushed together... like 9/11. obviously different. but hopefully you catch my drift. as much as i thought he'd end up getting remembered publicly for his run-ins with the law, i've been getting a ton of rad mike love. everyone wants to share the first time they seen the thriller video and which of his albums is their favorite. of course you still catch a tasteless joke that gets you by the boo boo but it's all part of the story right?

i've been thinking a lot about this post. for the last 2 weeks or so. asking people what they thought of the year. just to help refresh the noggin you know? help put together a direction to ramble for this years wrap up. i did the hate list... i did the love list.. this year i'ma just ramble my pretty little fingers off.

"I finally decided to make moves, and so i found me a new best friend to further the possibilities of Studio Focho Gilas" -Guy

Guy got a buddy. como se dice NEGOCIOS?! (i just like it cause it sounds naughty)
so amped on this. a LONG overdue acquisition if you ask me. i know that thing is gettin mashed on. way to step your game up vato.

Lydon had this translation to offer, "Translation: Austin got an MPC and will make tight beats, and his beats will tri-scissor with mine and Blacks beats"(i think he means the focho production team is going to break some major bread.)

I'M excited to say the least. our last tri-scissor was my most recent out of body experience. i'm talking about little batteries vol. 2. that's that wet wet. sweat sweat more like it. pero we were jammin in a tiny bedroom, aren't you supposed to sweat your ass off? once again, props to my neighbors for not blowin up the scene. we get away with savagery on trails end. Thanks again to L to the.. and Guy for making the drive out to get down in the eggo. nothing but(t) love boys.

as a part of our transition into 2010 i threw down a handful of beets for lydons 2nd solo joint titled L to the... has friends... (i'm not positive about the periods behind friends..) i'm sure he'll end up droppin that thang thang sometime shortly after his first since he's working on the 2 simultaneously... i like that style.

speaking of droppin jams this year, i threw down the second installment of a life long diary called audio scribble. a 9 minute mixtape titled ?RETARDSAYWHAT¿ it made me laugh. focho was only able to throw down on one track and it was pauls freestyle. man... priceless. (speaking of the fem alien, he's on his way over) (((editors note: i took that pic right after i wrote that and that's the pic from my last post.)))

... twwwaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! it's the 1st of 2010 now. 10:29pm east cost time. i really wanna finish this post since that's what i do on the first of every year... not that my opinion or ramblings matter to anyone but i luh dat shit.

the ole lady n i were cuttin it up super tough slappin clumsy by fergie. guy knows the business. f da b.s. yyyyyyyyyyyee. (everyone does hella e's so i dropped maaaaad y's) ((madd is new yorks hella...had to do it..HAHAHAHA!!!))

....damn... now it's the second and i sill haven't had the chance to finish this post. rough life mayne. in the way fun and exciting chicken n' waffles kinda way... yeah harlem got bomby. last night i went with the boo to a bbq joint that EVERYONE in focho will eat @ one time or another..

i'm pumpin kilowatts right about now. i'm driving across the country (con music equipment) @ the begining of february.. then it's time to play the game of life. make moves.

goals for the coming year???

since cyph n i lived together back when i've thought it'd be fun to produce an album for that guy.... so i am. i remember talking to him about new york hip hop and we agreed i'm more of a reasonable doubt guy and he's uber illmatic.. well, we're gonna get SO FUCKING SICK IN THE YORKE KID!!!!

since i'ma be driving across the country during record production month i don't know if i'll be able to participate this year. but i'd really like to. (and i think everyone else in focho should as well) i have an idea but i'm not sure if i can get it off the ground. i seen a used buddy500 for around 3.. i think i can fuck with that.. then i'll be making beets while driving across the motherland. rpm from a throwback land cruiser? i can dig it.

i've been thinking alot about letting go.

dust9 is out the bay... pero making la his new stomping grounds. i can dig it. i got in a big ass debate with a dude from cleavland about cali. apparently i strike through oozin west coast flavor. well dude was hating hollywood more than anything and i had to broaden some horizons. long story longer... la is the shit. i'm pumped for dust9er.'s now 6:23pm. still the second of 2010... i like that. uppin digits.

just got back from harlem. bomb shit. i'm not going to lie though.. i think i'm diggin bk the most outta the boroughs.

i make it HOT. nah, that's just persperation. it started snowing right after i got here. and i was the only guy sporting pit stains. fuck yeah.

my a.d.d. is killing me right now so i'ma just bang keys.

actually... no i'ma just leave you with my own little piece of peace. loss is merely transition. in losing 'o9 we transition into '10. transitions (aka trannys) were made for making moves..

keep and ear out and follow your heart. i promise it'll help.


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  1. Well said yo, i pretty excited bout the dos mil diez aswell, We missed you over the holidays we luv you. im sure NY was outrageous for that ano nuevo. Ill be posting the vids form the madness that went down in the bay shortley. Im down with RPMs in feb, and Also talk has started about that final trip to diego antes de te vas, entoces te veo chea! and im down with all them links and the YYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyee!