Saturday, February 13, 2010

safe arrival

to those of you wondering.. i made it to new york last night around midnight. this has been quite possibly the most spiritually gratifying adventure of my life thus far. i can't begin to articulate the beauty i've witnessed over the last week n a half. so i'll be making a slide show in the days to come. i miss you guys terribly... but i'm extremely grateful you made that drive and sent me off with those memories. gawd, i'm super reflective right now and can think of nothing more than the fact that i need to get it crackin in this mug so the homies can come out n smell it. also... i've noticed that people are stealing photos off of websites i post on so i'll be dropping stamps on everything i post from now on. this is going to make my job a lot harder but props are due n i aint no sucka. nuff said.

really quick... i REALLY want to thank Cristina for EVERYTHING. i really can't thank you enough for your hospitality and part in helping me fall in love with az.. so on behalf of steve and myself THANK YOU!!!!

p.s. niagara falls is the shit @ 20 degrees... ha


-Moonter Lvoe

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