Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ya Se Fue

Life is rough with no internet (well, at least no Focho), and the wack upgrade to real crummy internet is not much better. I need to sign up for Compuserve again! (Pinche Wanslow bringing up Lycos n shit) I'm struggling to get just one single picture up right now, and it really has no relevance to this post. But still I'mma fight like I eat ribs, to the bone, to get it up (that's what he said?).

- Black, enjoy your fantastic voyage across the fruited plains. Focho luh yu. I'll be munching numbers, caressing letters tryin to make that Focho coast to coast connection a lil more April 15th friendly, ya dig?

- I moved to Potrero and 25th. Come BBQ at my house on Fri after work! Maybe some late night B-Ball next door if folks wanna get balled on (all homo)...

- Happy Birfday to Cuzzin Beary! I just ate my other half a cabeza super burrito from that night and it beat the shit out of my stomach, literally!

- Time to study. MPC 1000 handbook and Cubase SX3, gotta start over to truly be fresh. Cheah!

Current Bumps:

Dumbfoundead - Super Barrio Bros.
Gap Band - V Jammin
MF Grimm - The Downfall of Ibliss (used to hate on this shit sooo hard, but some of the beats are just too tight. #3 is a dope song as well)


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