Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Art of Eating a Bunch of Good Food for Pennies

Yadidimysituation. Can't be throwin down on taquerias, pizza, hot sandos, and every other food goodness available in SF like I used to, so I'm goin rogue in the frugality department, but not in taste. I make a mean MnFn curry, peep game:

Tomatoes, potatoes, jalapenos, serrano chilis, onion, garlic, ginger: $4.25
Chickens: $4.25
Rice: about $1.00
All the spices that I already owned and used partially: nowhere near it, but just it's easier to say $0.50
Total= $10.00

Now, this generates about 12 meals. Dividing that into the total investment of $10, that means that each plate of spicy potential culo de dragon (isss hot fiya!) costs $0.83. Food for a week, invite a friend. Sure it takes time to make, but I got plenty of that! Takin' the train, takin' the train! Now you know why I refuse to eat at Indian restaurants unless it's buffet, I'mma eat soNN!

And of course each region of the culinary map has their own take on this: Shepperd's pie, enchiladas/tamales with beans n rice, stir fry n rice, pasta, etc. This is no secret, sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are intelligent and capable of pimpin our own diets. Just remember: be down, make shit, have fun, and eat good. Late.

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