Monday, March 8, 2010

Ghostride the Train

We too hyphy!

(This is not my pic, props to whoever took it.)

Not much to say today. Got hit by hail for a block of the Potrero madness, that was fun. Good thing a weekend of sniper snowballs and stompin in feets of that white white white in Etnies helped me to cope. Tahoe smells hella good. Big ups to cabins in the snow that are warmer than my SF apartment, my GF will attest to the same. Gotta make it a point next time to taste the local Mexican joints...

I'm hella losing! Shady folks/institutions/thieves/connivers/dirtybuttholes are all attempting to make advances on my itty bitty fettis. Basically, never trust a contract unless you wrote that shit, otherwise it's only used by king-of-the-trust-fund, papi-got-me lazies to squeeze dimes out a able bodied individual. That's my word.

Life is too fun. Musica is the lifeline, make sure it ain't thin.

Current Bump:

Dr. Dre Presents: The Aftermath (Dre the produca!!!)
MF Doom - MM Food (again, ill production)
De La Soul - Three Feet High and Rising (obvies)
Control Machete - Mucho Barato (think Mexican Gravediggas)


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