Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sorry y'all we be sleepin....

First off what it does to the focho familia? Second off apologies for holding out on that good good cuz there's plenty for all.
Needless to say the Diego voyage and the trek to find SKY, which is harder to find than you think (cyph and Kate can attest),
got handled hella days ago and there's some viral goodness fo yo eyes and ears stay tuned for that. Miss Black like Asians miss their exits but he's crushin out in enyce and he's takin focho national!!

As far as la vida loca I spend mine in a car gas brake dippin on that road warrior kinda livin. Feel like I need a Bluetooth but the dick in your ass feature is not so appealing, straight counting minutes til I'm in that murder capital of Cali (SALAS trick) where thousands of Mexican children have their lives impacted with golf and lifeskills education (unofficial slogan of where I put in them hours). But what can I say I get linked on that bitch betta have my money tip monthly so stackin chips is that sole motivation. Sco nation still on that horizon pero it's not even dusk yet.

Look for me and all that is free man L to the triple dot amongst the orange people drinkin $9 beers like it's my job. Aka opening day aka gigantes nation aka watchin Americas favorite pot smokin pitcher Tim LinceCUM workin the balls ;)

Anyways have your people get at my people and we can take it back like four flats on a Cadillac.

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  1. Can't wait to see the magic ball handling skills! I think we'll be kickin it with the $1 beers for a min, but yadidiSpeakeasy. Cheah!