Friday, April 30, 2010

so whatchoo askin fo!?!?!?

i know i don't have to tell you the rest.

i remember someone tellin me they got "frisco'd"... it just meant they came from somewhere not as into the hustle. the come up. the every hustler fo theyselves attitude. and i thought to myself... that didn't happen to me. possibly because i was already familiar with sf. well now i'm out here in the cutty banks in a spot where i have nothing to go by but what i've heard some of my favorite rappers yap about. and yes ladies and gentlemen.. this place is RAW.
now, i know there are places is this beautiful world that are waaaaay more raw than ny... but it's the most raw place in america no doubt.
i shot this pic on my way to work. grape drink and barbie hangin out in front of what i'm pretty sure is a middle school.

death before decaf


dear L,
i feel so connected to you since i know we were shooting the same moon on the same night from different parts of the country.
xoxo, Black

keeping with this RAW theme i got going on here..
i fucking LOVE my camera. my sidekick.

you may have to blow this one up to get the full effect. i've seen this throw up and wanted to shoot it before. so i'm setting up my camera for the shot and this truck is rollin up so i had to get that good timing on..

i know where my HEART is...

hot pursuit.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Music??

Yes, but not from the Focho cliqua, not quite yet anyway. Two of the dopest hip-hop acts out of CA each put out new albums this month. Now, I haven't picked up either one, but according to what I've heard on YouTube, these are the hottest jams from each:

Yup!! 40 water put out a double disc set, two full albums of knocks. Following the complete shittiness that was the Ball Street Journal, there is a ton of garbage tracks to be found. Fortunately, this is not one of them. El-P can suck on these rhyme schemes!

Orale! Cypress Hill released the new album on, you guessed it, the 20th. The title track has Tom Morello on it, and it's not bad, but this is the jam right here! Who would have thought the banger track would have Marc Anthony and Pitbull on it??

Cheah! Off to enjoy the sun and a burger. Late!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lamentations of the Undisposed

Week 6. Midway through. I pulled myself out of the system on March 19th as a reminder that life continues regardless of superficial occupations and responsibilities. I wanted to ride my bike, write raps, make music, enjoy the sun, build, learn, grow, thrive. Money will be there, I'm 25, a grown ass man as many say, I can take care of my damn self... well... we all know that's not entirely true. Family provides more than most people choose to acknowledge. Nonetheless, I bear my own weight and exist as the variable between Honda Civic payments and cementing the platform for future generations to frame their identity. All up on these shoulders, do it for the masses. Like this nn ahhhh, it's like that nn ahhh.

Word em up. The creative process is slow churning, my bike got jacked 4 days in, rain and cold show their ugly mugs every now and then, I've forgone a few G's in income, but still I scoff at any notion of regret. Life's good baby. Mexico, here we come!

Still messin with that Photoshop. Had this one on the mind for a while, took a stab at it this morning. You likey?

If y'all got any ideas for stickers or shirts, I implore you to comment or post or email any pics or ideas you have. YEE!!! Dude, the moon was super crazy last night. I was definitely tempted to roll to skatepark for a little moonlight sonata. It straight lit up my room!!

This reminds me, I discovered an epic stoop recently. Cyph, what it do?!?!? Let's get some 4-0s of that privileged green, yadididrink?! Cheah!

Peace y'all. To the Focheros, keep producin', D-Day is upon us.

Current Slaps:

Mikah 9: It's All Love
Aceyalone: All Balls Don't Bounce
Alpha MC: Lovin' Life


Monday, April 26, 2010


it's been a while. feels good though. five at a time is the jam fah sho. i finally got a new camera. it was that or a computer.. you can thank diana's laptop for this update. i've been dying without a camera. it HAD to happen. here's the first photo i ever shot with it.

i went out to time square to get it so i wandered for a minute with my new baby.

so much fun. i love it. and i hardly know what i'm doing.
a new challenge. a new art to learn. art=form of expression.
it's also a tool. a memory tool. sooo good. expect goodness. i've just been grinding. tryin to get into a routine knowing i'm going to have to switch it all up in a couple o months.
my living situation is kinda strange. money is a muffunkah... know joke. i'm too grown to play.
respect is even more ridiculous ..
is this disrespectful?

the world is a crazy place. no shit.

pero you can find solid rhythm everywhere. you just have to keep an eye out..

more often than not i find myself in conversations about making sense (cents). sense of everything that's going on. from music to politics, even the proper way to cleanse ones own butthole post deuce..
but i can only do me right? just like you can only do you. you have certain tools and you make due with the tools you're givin. some people... as cyph once put it, "sleep on themselves" (2:46...wait for m.e.d. to kill it....)
don't sleep on yourself.

ohh yeah... ROUTINE..
that shit is what's up. i love it when i have a pretty solid routine. i know i'ma make some bomby breakfast... tell you that much..

but outside of the route is where the unexpected happens. that's where the shit (life) starts to pop off in a major way.. so much goes down on the constant. how much do you want to be involved in... n how much do you want to hear about. we all create.. and we all consume.
the GO vs the WATCH.
balance is a mawfunka.. know joke (and laugh only when it's funny)
a tribute to ROY AYERS is where the party @.

find pete ROCK'in mic 1time.
@ 69 dude is still the DUDE..


stay hungry.

FOCHO gon' eat baby.

Friday, April 23, 2010

R.I.P. GURU!!!!!

As you might know one of my Hip Hop heroes passed away on monday. Guru, known for his Gangstarr and Jazzmatazz fame. He died from cancer. He was only 43 years old. I am HELLA sad about this but to peep them positive type aspects, this cat has lived an insanely dope life that I can only dream about! Please believe I will be guzzlin Mickey's this weekend in his honor. True royalty in my mind. Enjoy yallz............

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Look

A camera can only capture one side of the story. This side is hella funny. Cyph4's ability to freestyle overcomes all chicken seductions!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodies! My Greatest Bites

My goodies... my goodies... my goodies... yep my goodies! There's so much foto goodness on deck that I've wanted to share, and it will have to be distributed little by little. For now, I'd like to highlight all the quality sustenance that I've come across lately. Some was made at home, but most was discovered elsewhere. Enjoy!

L to the...'s take on Mom's Curry - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

You don't know my mom, but you should know her curry. I'm don't skimp on the mixed pickle, raita, or naan, and I throw in a couple more peppers for good btu measure, so get ready to summon the dragon del culo!!

Buffalo Bell - Santa Cruz, CA

This place is scummy as all heck, but they got the best Philly sangwiches I've ever had, thas my word! The wings ain't bad either. A stop at the Jury Room next door either before or after B Bell is a great way to round out the evening!

Patxi's Pizza - San Francisco, CA

Monster deep dish pizzas that contain insane amounts of cheese and sauce on top of a buttery wondrous crust. $1 PBRs and 40 minute waits, but you will wait. Only gripe is that they charge full price for 1/2 toppings (ex: half jalapeno, half garlic is considered 2 toppings. Cheap asses!).

Squeeze Inn - Sacramento, CA

Standard delicious burgers served in a tiny ass spot where their hater ass business neighbors will tow your car if you park in their perpetually vacant spots. Parking hurdles aside, the burgers hit the spot! You gotta try the namesake Squeeze Burger, which is completely covered in cheese and grilled crisp on the side. Cheeeezzzyyy!!

Los Jarritos - Sacramento, CA

Platos completos de chimichangas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, y todos con arroz, frijoles, queso, lechuga, y salsa, y casi todos son baja de $5 dolares! Mucho barato y delicioso!

Full plates with all the fixin's, and almost everything is under $5 buckers! Hella cheap and super bomb!

Mom Duke's Thanksgiving Splendor - Gilas, CA

I guarantee you've never had so much butter in a meal in your life! Be nice to me and maybe you'll get invited sometime...

Dibb's BBQ - San Francisco, CA

Flintstones dinosaur ribs, mega burgers, bomb chickens, hella hot sandwiches, hella cold sandwiches, sides on point, daily specials so random that you gotta get em, and prices unheard of in the 'Sco all make for a BBQ joint that you'll frequent on the reg. Just hold on the mayo unless you are Cyph4 and really dig that white stuff.

Nikki's Chili - San Diego, CA

I nearly shit my pants in my sleep at 4am due to this chili, but I can't think of any situation where I would hesitate a second to tear down a few bowls of this poo inducing goodness. Can I get an AMEN from the Focho choir?!?

Miller's East Coast Deli - San Francisco, CA

Oh my word. Biggest sandwiches eva!!! I'm sure NY has it's share of spots like this, but this place holds it down for the Jewish delis on the West Coast. The menu boasts like 5 million items, from every kind of sandwich to fried chicken to bfast fare, of which I've sampled quite a few. The pastrami philly sando and BBQ Burger, shown above, are tops for me, along with the Luna, which is a toasted sangwich with beef brisket and coleslaw. Late.

L to the...'s Tacos - Gilroy to San Francisco, CA

Fresh corn tortillas (straight from the local Mexican kitchen), carne seasoned up right, pinto beans, julienne sliced jalapenos, queso fresco, crema fresca, tomatoes, grilled onions, guacamole, nopales, and Tapatio??? I don't play.

Dessert anyone??

Maria's Perfect Brownies - San Francisco, CA

Brownie bottom, cookie dough top, brownie crisp on all sides, 100% scrumptious! Get some Haggen Daas vanilla and go nutz!!

Believe me, there's soo much more goodness that I didn't get pictures of because my appetite beat me to it, but they will come to light as well! Props to the all the eaters out there, including the Focho cliqua, PJ, Nath, and my partner in dine, Maria. What are you waiting for? Go eat! Maybe you can order the first one:

And always remember...


@ 0.23 dude shows his true colors..

lil nate gettin it!

i stay bubblin son!

n' i aint talkin champagne.

jus holdin it down proper.

MAD (ny plug) PROPS TO MY SHORTY. thank you lvoe.

slang is the way we maintain our uniqueness.. FOCHO!!

A.D.D. (all damn day)

lydon... get at me with those sticker designs. i'm down to drop bread so we can make this buttery!

may is about to be insane with the visitors in this viatch.

SUPER DUPER XL PROPS TO MY DUDE L TO THE.... FOR MAKING THAT MOVE. nothin butt love homie. mo gems in owe ten!

dear guy, stay on that grind baby..(like i haftoo tell you) hook up that spot n i'll see you in the city.

cyph did it AGAIN! over an over an over an over, like a monkey with a miniature cymbal!

to my extended NY focho heads...(who don't know what focho IS YET) the Lil Boozey recording sesh is about to be straight RETARDED on some fergie meets odb ish!!!!!

girl, i hope you got my letter!

bobbi, you'll always be the ball inspector.

"...there i go again, girls what's my weakness FLEM ok then chillin..?"


funk it, i'm out!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

Way too nice to be sittin at home and be any type of productive in terms of info expansion/ cerebral excercise, so I went for a lil bici ride. Crushed the eastern waterfront from HP onward (tried to get in the Navy shipyard, but wasn't successful, they got way friendly middle age black women as security who called me "baby", can't be disrespecting the mom types). Saw dope ass birds with pencil beaks and red furry shoulder pads posted in the murky India Basin waters, hung out in parks I'd never been to and bunny hopped my way around the PJs. Prolly shouldnta worn my shirt with a SJPD badge on it, but who thinks about those things?? Mark my words, I'mma get into that shipyard tho, only a matter a time before they level that industrial relic and pave the way for the yuppster invasion. I'm tryin to snap some photos of rusty metal n chit! Posted with Tim and the scummies at the Clocktower for a min, busted my limited flatland, rode through Golden Gate Park with Nathan, hit the beach up for a minute, and finally cruised back to the humble abode. All the while my back wheel felt like it was gonna lock up and help me get better acquainted with the asphalt, and pain. But yay, back home reading and writin tracks. Time to work! <

ps - no pics, my intronet hates on uploading.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sylvia made it pop.
they kept it hot.
then SHE said <'s

shit happens.

i lost my camera... and all the pics on the full (fool) 4gig memory card i had..

no use in crying over spilt milk right?

just motivation.


finally got some speakers for the casa. them thangs do the thang pretty loud. they make otis go. (just for you ev)

float like a butterfly sting like a moonter.

internet cadaver.

live fat die young.

it's humid.

i'd love to sit here and really type out what i got going on but i need to head to work..

i love you guys.

cyph did it.

it's a secular institution.

aight... <'s

Rock is Dead

Hey first before i start my rant, let me say Gracias to everyone who was a part of or sent some love my way for the Bday was hella good I love you All cheah!..

And now imma bout to get my rant on one time. Today while estoy trabajando en Los gatos at some ridiculous house the flour guys in there 30s with theire bad ass contractor site box were bumbing their/our generation good rock shit, all 90's early 00s with soundgarden, late era metalica, green day, tool, system of a down..all types of rock from that era.... ect you get the picture. hella stuff I hadn't heard in a while. While on lunch I was telling my dad how much all the new popular rock now days is crap! to test this theory, form then on all day we listen to either live 105 or the new or renewed KSJO now a rock station again. And, Im sad to say I was prooved right. Just about any good song either of those stations played was an old song, I wasn't complaining but anytime they played some new band that i never heard of, it was allways the same fake drums, fast past beat, with weird ass noises and some guy with a weak ass weird voice, what ever happened to people with tight voices singing tight, or being angry, I havent heard and angry new rock since.... shit i dont know, anyways I dont claim to be fully up to date in the rock scene or anything but when i was yonger you could actually look to the radio to show you at least some new tight shit. its I may be wrong and there may be good shit out there and it maybe it just the radio, which has followed the path as all other radio to make it there mission to perpetuate shitty music.

Any ways there is still plenty of great music out there to keep me constantly finding that new new and get me excited, recently I have again become obseseed with everything hendrix. I am way hype on that soldier of love new SADE album and just found a copy of velvet rope which i dont remember thuroughly exploring, and every one knows how much focho loves janet. Tambien Iv been getting deeper and deeper into musica de espanol and i think im bout to try and get deep in to some slasa and merange...yadidi stay tuned