Wednesday, April 14, 2010

@ 0.23 dude shows his true colors..

lil nate gettin it!

i stay bubblin son!

n' i aint talkin champagne.

jus holdin it down proper.

MAD (ny plug) PROPS TO MY SHORTY. thank you lvoe.

slang is the way we maintain our uniqueness.. FOCHO!!

A.D.D. (all damn day)

lydon... get at me with those sticker designs. i'm down to drop bread so we can make this buttery!

may is about to be insane with the visitors in this viatch.

SUPER DUPER XL PROPS TO MY DUDE L TO THE.... FOR MAKING THAT MOVE. nothin butt love homie. mo gems in owe ten!

dear guy, stay on that grind baby..(like i haftoo tell you) hook up that spot n i'll see you in the city.

cyph did it AGAIN! over an over an over an over, like a monkey with a miniature cymbal!

to my extended NY focho heads...(who don't know what focho IS YET) the Lil Boozey recording sesh is about to be straight RETARDED on some fergie meets odb ish!!!!!

girl, i hope you got my letter!

bobbi, you'll always be the ball inspector.

"...there i go again, girls what's my weakness FLEM ok then chillin..?"


funk it, i'm out!!!!

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