Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodies! My Greatest Bites

My goodies... my goodies... my goodies... yep my goodies! There's so much foto goodness on deck that I've wanted to share, and it will have to be distributed little by little. For now, I'd like to highlight all the quality sustenance that I've come across lately. Some was made at home, but most was discovered elsewhere. Enjoy!

L to the...'s take on Mom's Curry - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

You don't know my mom, but you should know her curry. I'm don't skimp on the mixed pickle, raita, or naan, and I throw in a couple more peppers for good btu measure, so get ready to summon the dragon del culo!!

Buffalo Bell - Santa Cruz, CA

This place is scummy as all heck, but they got the best Philly sangwiches I've ever had, thas my word! The wings ain't bad either. A stop at the Jury Room next door either before or after B Bell is a great way to round out the evening!

Patxi's Pizza - San Francisco, CA

Monster deep dish pizzas that contain insane amounts of cheese and sauce on top of a buttery wondrous crust. $1 PBRs and 40 minute waits, but you will wait. Only gripe is that they charge full price for 1/2 toppings (ex: half jalapeno, half garlic is considered 2 toppings. Cheap asses!).

Squeeze Inn - Sacramento, CA

Standard delicious burgers served in a tiny ass spot where their hater ass business neighbors will tow your car if you park in their perpetually vacant spots. Parking hurdles aside, the burgers hit the spot! You gotta try the namesake Squeeze Burger, which is completely covered in cheese and grilled crisp on the side. Cheeeezzzyyy!!

Los Jarritos - Sacramento, CA

Platos completos de chimichangas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, y todos con arroz, frijoles, queso, lechuga, y salsa, y casi todos son baja de $5 dolares! Mucho barato y delicioso!

Full plates with all the fixin's, and almost everything is under $5 buckers! Hella cheap and super bomb!

Mom Duke's Thanksgiving Splendor - Gilas, CA

I guarantee you've never had so much butter in a meal in your life! Be nice to me and maybe you'll get invited sometime...

Dibb's BBQ - San Francisco, CA

Flintstones dinosaur ribs, mega burgers, bomb chickens, hella hot sandwiches, hella cold sandwiches, sides on point, daily specials so random that you gotta get em, and prices unheard of in the 'Sco all make for a BBQ joint that you'll frequent on the reg. Just hold on the mayo unless you are Cyph4 and really dig that white stuff.

Nikki's Chili - San Diego, CA

I nearly shit my pants in my sleep at 4am due to this chili, but I can't think of any situation where I would hesitate a second to tear down a few bowls of this poo inducing goodness. Can I get an AMEN from the Focho choir?!?

Miller's East Coast Deli - San Francisco, CA

Oh my word. Biggest sandwiches eva!!! I'm sure NY has it's share of spots like this, but this place holds it down for the Jewish delis on the West Coast. The menu boasts like 5 million items, from every kind of sandwich to fried chicken to bfast fare, of which I've sampled quite a few. The pastrami philly sando and BBQ Burger, shown above, are tops for me, along with the Luna, which is a toasted sangwich with beef brisket and coleslaw. Late.

L to the...'s Tacos - Gilroy to San Francisco, CA

Fresh corn tortillas (straight from the local Mexican kitchen), carne seasoned up right, pinto beans, julienne sliced jalapenos, queso fresco, crema fresca, tomatoes, grilled onions, guacamole, nopales, and Tapatio??? I don't play.

Dessert anyone??

Maria's Perfect Brownies - San Francisco, CA

Brownie bottom, cookie dough top, brownie crisp on all sides, 100% scrumptious! Get some Haggen Daas vanilla and go nutz!!

Believe me, there's soo much more goodness that I didn't get pictures of because my appetite beat me to it, but they will come to light as well! Props to the all the eaters out there, including the Focho cliqua, PJ, Nath, and my partner in dine, Maria. What are you waiting for? Go eat! Maybe you can order the first one:

And always remember...