Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lamentations of the Undisposed

Week 6. Midway through. I pulled myself out of the system on March 19th as a reminder that life continues regardless of superficial occupations and responsibilities. I wanted to ride my bike, write raps, make music, enjoy the sun, build, learn, grow, thrive. Money will be there, I'm 25, a grown ass man as many say, I can take care of my damn self... well... we all know that's not entirely true. Family provides more than most people choose to acknowledge. Nonetheless, I bear my own weight and exist as the variable between Honda Civic payments and cementing the platform for future generations to frame their identity. All up on these shoulders, do it for the masses. Like this nn ahhhh, it's like that nn ahhh.

Word em up. The creative process is slow churning, my bike got jacked 4 days in, rain and cold show their ugly mugs every now and then, I've forgone a few G's in income, but still I scoff at any notion of regret. Life's good baby. Mexico, here we come!

Still messin with that Photoshop. Had this one on the mind for a while, took a stab at it this morning. You likey?

If y'all got any ideas for stickers or shirts, I implore you to comment or post or email any pics or ideas you have. YEE!!! Dude, the moon was super crazy last night. I was definitely tempted to roll to skatepark for a little moonlight sonata. It straight lit up my room!!

This reminds me, I discovered an epic stoop recently. Cyph, what it do?!?!? Let's get some 4-0s of that privileged green, yadididrink?! Cheah!

Peace y'all. To the Focheros, keep producin', D-Day is upon us.

Current Slaps:

Mikah 9: It's All Love
Aceyalone: All Balls Don't Bounce
Alpha MC: Lovin' Life


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