Monday, April 26, 2010


it's been a while. feels good though. five at a time is the jam fah sho. i finally got a new camera. it was that or a computer.. you can thank diana's laptop for this update. i've been dying without a camera. it HAD to happen. here's the first photo i ever shot with it.

i went out to time square to get it so i wandered for a minute with my new baby.

so much fun. i love it. and i hardly know what i'm doing.
a new challenge. a new art to learn. art=form of expression.
it's also a tool. a memory tool. sooo good. expect goodness. i've just been grinding. tryin to get into a routine knowing i'm going to have to switch it all up in a couple o months.
my living situation is kinda strange. money is a muffunkah... know joke. i'm too grown to play.
respect is even more ridiculous ..
is this disrespectful?

the world is a crazy place. no shit.

pero you can find solid rhythm everywhere. you just have to keep an eye out..

more often than not i find myself in conversations about making sense (cents). sense of everything that's going on. from music to politics, even the proper way to cleanse ones own butthole post deuce..
but i can only do me right? just like you can only do you. you have certain tools and you make due with the tools you're givin. some people... as cyph once put it, "sleep on themselves" (2:46...wait for m.e.d. to kill it....)
don't sleep on yourself.

ohh yeah... ROUTINE..
that shit is what's up. i love it when i have a pretty solid routine. i know i'ma make some bomby breakfast... tell you that much..

but outside of the route is where the unexpected happens. that's where the shit (life) starts to pop off in a major way.. so much goes down on the constant. how much do you want to be involved in... n how much do you want to hear about. we all create.. and we all consume.
the GO vs the WATCH.
balance is a mawfunka.. know joke (and laugh only when it's funny)
a tribute to ROY AYERS is where the party @.

find pete ROCK'in mic 1time.
@ 69 dude is still the DUDE..


stay hungry.

FOCHO gon' eat baby.


  1. Solid. Way to come up!

    I see the quality control tester bite out the potato piece in the middle!!

  2. Chea! way to get at that time freezer machine.

    ....Hola Hola Hola outmeal and Granola....