Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rock is Dead

Hey first before i start my rant, let me say Gracias to everyone who was a part of or sent some love my way for the Bday was hella good I love you All cheah!..

And now imma bout to get my rant on one time. Today while estoy trabajando en Los gatos at some ridiculous house the flour guys in there 30s with theire bad ass contractor site box were bumbing their/our generation good rock shit, all 90's early 00s with soundgarden, late era metalica, green day, tool, system of a down..all types of rock from that era.... ect you get the picture. hella stuff I hadn't heard in a while. While on lunch I was telling my dad how much all the new popular rock now days is crap! to test this theory, form then on all day we listen to either live 105 or the new or renewed KSJO now a rock station again. And, Im sad to say I was prooved right. Just about any good song either of those stations played was an old song, I wasn't complaining but anytime they played some new band that i never heard of, it was allways the same fake drums, fast past beat, with weird ass noises and some guy with a weak ass weird voice, what ever happened to people with tight voices singing tight, or being angry, I havent heard and angry new rock since.... shit i dont know, anyways I dont claim to be fully up to date in the rock scene or anything but when i was yonger you could actually look to the radio to show you at least some new tight shit. its I may be wrong and there may be good shit out there and it maybe it just the radio, which has followed the path as all other radio to make it there mission to perpetuate shitty music.

Any ways there is still plenty of great music out there to keep me constantly finding that new new and get me excited, recently I have again become obseseed with everything hendrix. I am way hype on that soldier of love new SADE album and just found a copy of velvet rope which i dont remember thuroughly exploring, and every one knows how much focho loves janet. Tambien Iv been getting deeper and deeper into musica de espanol and i think im bout to try and get deep in to some slasa and merange...yadidi stay tuned

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