Friday, April 30, 2010

so whatchoo askin fo!?!?!?

i know i don't have to tell you the rest.

i remember someone tellin me they got "frisco'd"... it just meant they came from somewhere not as into the hustle. the come up. the every hustler fo theyselves attitude. and i thought to myself... that didn't happen to me. possibly because i was already familiar with sf. well now i'm out here in the cutty banks in a spot where i have nothing to go by but what i've heard some of my favorite rappers yap about. and yes ladies and gentlemen.. this place is RAW.
now, i know there are places is this beautiful world that are waaaaay more raw than ny... but it's the most raw place in america no doubt.
i shot this pic on my way to work. grape drink and barbie hangin out in front of what i'm pretty sure is a middle school.

death before decaf


dear L,
i feel so connected to you since i know we were shooting the same moon on the same night from different parts of the country.
xoxo, Black

keeping with this RAW theme i got going on here..
i fucking LOVE my camera. my sidekick.

you may have to blow this one up to get the full effect. i've seen this throw up and wanted to shoot it before. so i'm setting up my camera for the shot and this truck is rollin up so i had to get that good timing on..

i know where my HEART is...

hot pursuit.

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  1. Florescent moon industrial complex backdrop coast to coast! That pigeon is definitely gonna be on a shirt, straight up!