Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today Was a Good Day

Way too nice to be sittin at home and be any type of productive in terms of info expansion/ cerebral excercise, so I went for a lil bici ride. Crushed the eastern waterfront from HP onward (tried to get in the Navy shipyard, but wasn't successful, they got way friendly middle age black women as security who called me "baby", can't be disrespecting the mom types). Saw dope ass birds with pencil beaks and red furry shoulder pads posted in the murky India Basin waters, hung out in parks I'd never been to and bunny hopped my way around the PJs. Prolly shouldnta worn my shirt with a SJPD badge on it, but who thinks about those things?? Mark my words, I'mma get into that shipyard tho, only a matter a time before they level that industrial relic and pave the way for the yuppster invasion. I'm tryin to snap some photos of rusty metal n chit! Posted with Tim and the scummies at the Clocktower for a min, busted my limited flatland, rode through Golden Gate Park with Nathan, hit the beach up for a minute, and finally cruised back to the humble abode. All the while my back wheel felt like it was gonna lock up and help me get better acquainted with the asphalt, and pain. But yay, back home reading and writin tracks. Time to work! <

ps - no pics, my intronet hates on uploading.

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