Tuesday, May 25, 2010

La Vida Es Un Gran Viaje

Sup everyone! I'm bout to be out in a minute, lookin forward to eatin a whole bunch of these guys! Late. Hasta los dias mejores en Julio, cuando la gente y el sol son juntos... Life's a trip, here I go!

I love me some Frisco, that goes without saying. But you and I both know that I don't leave my heart nowhere, it comes with me, even on 90 mile bike rides. 408 is the namesake after all, represent that!

You can't tell, but it's raining mad hard in the foreground, sun pourin out in the back. South south bay! Gilas guey!!

In search of song inspiration, and a general reminder of a life that seems so fargone, I took a trip to the old hood the other week:

Catch a body.

This used to be open for people to walk through for easy access to the park. I'm sure the cops forced it closed to try to keep the ghetto element from seeping out the sides and also to funnel the criminal element to the other exits.

There are gangs in Gilroy. The LG's are a norteno hotbed.

Come play!

Through the blight shines the bright. Mingo's parents still hold it down. No car, no job, no English, but plenty of hospitality and Icees. Wholesome, humble folks.

Cheah!!Props to this Guy, Nath, Angelique, Danielle, and everyone else who busted ass for many years for that expensive piece of paper. No go do somethin!!

Very sad that I'll be missing the Geiger Graduation Goodness, however just knowing that folks will hold it down in my absence makes me happy enough. Keep it movin Focheros, it's all love. Late!

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