Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day Rally in Phoenix

La virgen esta presente.

"Nazi Arizona"

20,000 people were present before the rally even started at the state capitol yesterday, and the
vigil became an energized march in response to SB1070 rather than a celebration of workers.
And since when did May Day become a brown people thing? I could have counted on my hand the number of non-Hispanics there yesterday.
Whatever message we're hoping to give, we have to stand together to show that the hope of peace and justice crosses lines of race, class, national origin and documentation status and that this it's not just a brown people fight.

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  1. Seems like it may be somewhat harder to achieve that unity in Arizona, seeing as how that's where the ideology behind SB1070 was widely fostered and "legitimized". But I absolutely agree that people everywhere need to be pissed about this. I passed through the rally in SF and there were a good amount of non-Hispanic folks supporting, although they were obviously outnumbered.