Sunday, May 2, 2010

Todos Son Arizona!

It's sad that most Americans don't even know about the international workers day (May Day) our original labor day which was started by American workers 120 years ago, in commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago, which subsequently became an international day of solidarity for US workers fighting for the 8 hour work day. It then grew into the international workers day and today is celebrated by workers in almost every other country in the world...except in the US where our government switched labor day to September so this country would forget about the militant labor movement which gave their lives for workers rights. May 1st is a day Americans should celebrate those who built and continue to build this country, and those workers who fought for and gave their lives for, the rights we have today. It is also a day in which we should continue the fight against poverty, racism, sexism, heterosexism and exploitation and stand up in solidarity with those denied their human rights...

En Solidaridad con los Trabajadores Immigrantes..Si se Puede!


  1. Great Info Austin, Americans still need to be educated on our History....which is why we need everyone to stay active and Vote for Change in June Elections. Don't let the propaganda influence you or make you apathetic!

  2. Dang Guy, way to hold it down! Appreciate the background on the date. Pics are on point too, I feel like I'm there. Cheah!