Saturday, June 19, 2010

The essence of my life

Ey FOCHO. Just wanted to share this picture which captures the essence of my life at this moment (10:50pm on a Saturday night)...Yup, chocolate and wine for the depression, a 1000 tablet container of Ibuprofin and muscle relaxers for the pain, my IPOD (note: currently in off position), the cap to my zip drive which is in my computer since I'm currently working on my thesis, a water bottle cause it's fucking hot and I'm trying to drink at least two cups every day, and my phone (note: also in the off position as I wait for Austin...but that's the story of the past 6 years so nothing new there) lol

Ah asi es la vida, pero creo con todo mi energia y pasion que todo vale la pena.

1 comment:

  1. So sorry Im leaven you LOVE, I love you so Much. This is great picture though. just start planning for Puerto Viallarta. Talk to you soon