Friday, June 11, 2010

Fochisimo en Oaxaca

Aye guey! Last weekend, there was a taco fair in the park across the street from our casa... those tacos didn´t stand a chance! There were like 20 different taquerias reppin their wares in a major guey. My fav were these standard al pastor tacos covered in piña and all types of deliciousness, and luckily for me those folks have a taqueria right around the corner from us. 2 por 1 taco orders on Thursday? Yeah, I crushed 10 in a row, with 3 beers, only about $6. Late.

This morning, we watched the first game of World Cup: Mexico vs South Africa, at school, instead of class, and they let us drink beer! My maestro brought us Mezcal and we all got pretty saucey. Pimpin.

Hasta! Que se vayan bien!

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