Monday, August 2, 2010

Chea! saludos a focho

what up though, Saludos a todos from mexico, to answer cyphs pregunta imma be back the 15 so we should go as hard as possible, Im also with a rock the bells tix depending when that shit is. I hope g fest was amazing for everyone who took part i was hella sad i missed it.hope ale injoyed my house for me chea !Black Hope your summers going well, another late night phone call should be comming soon. L to the chea! we hella made it happen Y happy belated b day hope it went...Cristina is being the neta out there fighting against los cabrones,.. i miss you and will see you soon.

this has been the sountrack to my life down here its whats up

Y i hella didnt forget you cyph feeezy hope your summer is going well tambien we shall rage soon hermano, here is a little something I think you´ll like

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  1. Bad ass song. Love the Vallarta goodness! Hasta pronto guey!