Sunday, August 15, 2010

short n sweet

better than long and bitter i suppose?

i went to boston on sunday night for that much needed daycation. just kicked it in the woods near these lakes. i kept thinking about coyote. then uvas.. then spring lake... damn son. someones got a jones. (even anderson was gettin love)

it's my friday. which means tomorrow is my sunday..

i've been thinking alot.

i'm sure we'll talk about it.

the first Friday Family Funday(!!!) just went down out here with the ny folks. it's not a Focho Friday, Epoch Wednesday, or a MADNESS!! but it was a GOOD time. this shitter was in one of the bars..

i recorded a verse for a song and now it's on the back burner... kinda, i just need to redefine my approach. so i'mma flip a couple thang thangs before serve it up.

other than that... expect a movie maker slide show from my time back home.. if you're reading this... i'm sure you'll be in it.


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