Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awwww Shiiiiiiit Biiiiiiitchez!!!!

Yo, So peep game on the updates de Cyph players and gangsters alike:

1. Souled Out underground reunion show is popin off!

September 25th, 2010
Rockit Room
San Francisco, CA.

It'll be the same ol' cats plus some neuvo flavor in the mix. Construct and the Villains are headlining the event. So bring yallz asses! Bring as many homies as you can cuz we need to get this shit REALLY crackin on that yay area FOCHO tip yadididigmebosses!!!

2. Kyle and I have been working on the release of our first Album the "Ordinarily It's Strange E.P.". It's almost done and we are basically just waiting on album cover art from my grafitti homie in Portland and some mixing/mastering business. It will be released in late October. Expect a certain type of perfection that is only seen in the alley ways of the Tender Loin and found in the hearts of those that inhabit said area. chea.

3. We need to have a reconnect party yall FOR REAL! Everybody has been doin there own thang this summer but we needs to fuckin chill with all the homies and really just kick back on some sunny day FOCHO shit. Bar b que, beers, freestyles, old school jams, etc. I am offering my house but if you wanna get it in anywhere else let me know. For real. Serio.

Peep game on my dude DJ Quik showin love to a true Fochismo legend....

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  1. Bravo Cyph. Crackin is exactly how it's gonna get real soon.